Sunday, 22 February 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - The End

Here is the finished picnic blanket with fleecy backing attached - but before you see it in full here is the final journey.

15 x 13 round.

So only the two ends this time - 13 each end, meaning that the square becomes a rectangle of 13 by 15. This enables the picnic blanket to fit its fleecy backing blanket.

The border was a very simple affair - two trebles, 1 chain etc, with 3 trebles 3 chain on the corners.

Then it was simply a case of sewing the fleecy backing to the crocheted fabric.

And finally the picnic blanket is finished:)

The fleecy backing makes it feel quite luxurious. 

All I need now is a picnic basket, some lovely salad and bottle of wine:)

Close up

Another close up

Packed ready for the beach or the country park. 

I was worried it would be too big for the bag but it fits perfectly.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 6

The 13 x 13 round

I just had room to squeeze one more round in before I complete the ends to match the size of the fleecy blanket that I bought from Aldi. One last chance to use up all my odds and ends.

Here is the work in progress:

Trying to ensure it looks like random spacing. 

Adding on a few at a time.

All the squares in position waiting patiently to be added on. 

I went to France yesterday for a day trip and so the long car journey gave me the chance to sew all the ends in and get started on the next 26 squares I need to finish (13 each end).

A close up of the four corners - you can just see the middle square in each one - the black and yellow sunflower.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 5

The 11 x 11 round

Here it is on the fleecy backing blanket and hopefully still looking random. It is a very addictive and therapeutic project. People often ask me how I find the time to knit and crochet and I suppose the answer is simple - I watch far too much TV. I am very selective in what I watch and I find I can't just sit and watch TV, I need something to do. I guess some people will just sit and have a coffee and browse through a magazine, nine times out of ten when I'm having a coffee, I'm being crafty as well.

This time I just made a heap of inner circles and when I had over the 40 I needed for the round I positioned them, put them in order on a knitting needle and then did the white joining frame.

However I tried to make sure each row had at least two blues, two greens, two pinks, two purples and a red.

Lined up and ready to be attached. 
You can see that I'm nearly on the edge with the narrower sides of the rectangle. 

I have decided to go right round again, rather than finish and do a border, however I will attach a few squares either side and try it out on the blanket. If it does go over the edge then I won't go right round, I'll just concentrate on the two ends and the picnic blanket will be almost finished.