Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 2

Here is the 5 x 5 round - ends all sewn in.

Here you can see the project bag bursting with colour. The bag was bought for me as a thank you for helping someone at work and I have used it as a flight bag / weekend bag ever since. However the label said it was a beach bag. So as I have now invested in a new flight bag with wheels this bag can return to its official purpose and become the home for this picnic blanket (and a project bag until it is complete.)

Building up Round 2.
In the previous post I mentioned that I would use a shower curtain to back this picnic blanket - but there has been a change of plan. I just bought a micro-fibre fleece blanket in Aldi for £7.99 - it is massive but not too thick, I went for grey as a more practical colour than white. It is rectangular not square as I originally intended - but that is fine and it is lovely and big, should be luxurious when it is finished:)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 1

As you can see I have entitled this as a picnic blanket - I'm planning to back it with a shower curtain to make it a bit more waterproof.

I have now decided to mix the green in with main body rather than use it as a border as I said on my previous post. I have also bought a variety of blue yarns, funny how a project to use up leftovers means that you have to buy more yarn. I am doing the flowers in DK but the white frame in Aran - it just adds a thickness to the blanket.

I am going to build the blanket up round by round and sew all the ends in after each round is complete.

Here is round 1:

Building up.

Round 1 complete.

The Sunflower square in the middle makes a nice easy reference point for the centre of the blanket. I also like the pattern made by the joining method in the pattern.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - the start.

This is one of those "use up the leftover yarn" projects. This time I'm getting rid of my double knit, using up leftovers and those small balls you get free with Let's Knit magazine.

So you can see there are some sparkly yarns and a variety of textures. I am using a 3.75mm hook and the Flowers in the Snow pattern available here on Ravelry. This pattern is also available on the designer's blog (Solveig Grimstad) here. Sadly there isn't a lot of blue - this is because I used it all on my Canterbury Bag II recently, so I shall have to remedy that.

I don't have a massive plan for setting out the colours except for the following:
  • The centre is a sunflower.
  • Round 1 of all the other squares will be yellow or orange.
  • When joining the squares (using join as you go) there will not be two colours the same next to each other.
  • At present I plan to have the last round of squares all green with a white frame (to represent a grassy border) but I might put a sunflower in each corner.