Sunday, 19 February 2012

Out and About - East Sussex

Last week saw us getting away for an overnight stay in East Sussex. The getaway began with a traffic queue to get through the Dartford crossing, about an hour on the M25, watching the roadworks and edging our way to the toll booths. Luckily I had Lime Spiral with me so the hour wasn't wasted and much progress was made on the little blanket.

We stayed at The Bell at Iden, a lovely little B & B pub just outside Rye, where we ate a lovely meal that evening. The service was very friendly, as was the pub dog, who was resting by the fire after a long day.

The next morning we headed into Rye and had breakfast - well brunch by that time - at the The Ship Inn

I had the most amazing poached egg and smoked salmon on toasted muffin - to be recommended if you are ever in Rye for breakfast. 

Having joined the National Trust last summer we decided to spend the day visiting not one but two castles in the area. (Teenage sons were gutted they missed this). First on our list was Bodiam Castle, a proper, full on moated castle. 

Wait for it.........

Inside is pretty much in ruins but you can go up to the top of the towers - if you don't mind tiny stone spiral staircases - good for leg muscles!

There is also a 15 minute film playing on a loop, which is a potted history of Bodiam, worthwhile watching if you go - puts it all into context. 

Following Bodiam we headed to Scotney Castle. This was a very different place altogether. On top of a hill sits an amazing Victorian house and down the bottom of the hill sits a ruined, but very pretty 14th-century castle. 

Let's have quick tour round inside..........

I loved the 1950s china in the kitchen.

Look carefully at the dress in the painting - then see if you can spot it again....

 Here it is - they found it in the attic and had it restored.

 Molehills in the garden.

Snowdrops in the garden.

And at this point my camera went dead ....... I do have more pictures on my phone and will up load them as soon as I can, meanwhile click on the link above for more info on Scotney.

Out last port of call was a very nice dinner in The Five Pointed Star in West Malling, Kent, before hitting the dreaded M25 and heading home. 

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