Sunday, 12 February 2012

Re-vamping a necklace

I have re-vamped an old necklace to make it wearable again. It came with a purple cord but had become quite tatty, so here is my wire and bead replacement chain. 
28 gauge silver plated wire.
3mm pink glass beads
pink seed beads
toggle clasp
1.5mm crochet hook (although upon reflection 1.25mm would have been better)

  •  Firstly I used 40 3mm glass beads and threaded them on to the wire. Then I did 3 chain add bead 3 chain add bead - repeat until all 40 beads are used up. 
  • Fix toggle clasp to each end. 
  • Thread 114 seed beads into wire. 
  • 6 chain add 3 beads, 3 chain add 3 beads, 3 chain add three beads, repeat till end - 6 chain.
  • Fasten off and fix one end to toggle clasp. 
  • Twist the two chains together.
  • Join loose end to toggle clasp. 

bead pliers

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