Sunday, 26 February 2012

Suburban Crocus

Penstemon Cuttings
In the cold frame are my various Penstemon cuttings (Czar and King George V)- largely looking ok at this point. They have survived the snow and frosts so far - fingers crossed they will provide colour to my garden bed this summer.

Geranium Cuttings
 On the second shelf of the cold frame are some Geranium cuttings - frankly I'm surprised they've survived, I hope they can hang on a bit longer and make it through to the summer tubs.....

Winter Tubs - Back
 My winter tubs still looking lovely - with bulbs now poking through - I can't remember what bulbs I put in there but I think they're Tulips.
Winter Pansy - Second Blooming
 Beautiful jewel coloured pansy.
Suburban Crocus
 I love the little Crocus tab telling me I'd planted Crocus - it's good when everything goes to plan.
More Suburban Crocus 
Hmm - must get on and do some weeding soon......

On the other side of the garden there is life too.
Camellia Bud

Magnolia Bud
Lots of buds on both the Camellia and the Magnolia - I really hope that we don't get another cold snap now or else they will shrivel up and die......

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  1. I love growing things in tubs! The flowers look beautiful!


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