Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winter Garden

I had a little walk around my garden early this morning to survey the damage done by the snow. Here is what I found:

A snowy herb garden and some very frozen rocket. To be honest there's not much going on here at present anyway. A bit of Parsley and some Thyme at most. 

 This is the main bed that I began revamping last summer - the bulbs are poking through the snow. I have bulbs planned in stages, but the Crocus seemed to have beaten the Snowdrops. Daffodils and Fritillarias follow. Then come the Bluebells, followed by the Allums. 
My patio daffodils, looking quite promising at present.  Most of my tubs have bulbs buried which are now poking through. 
 My Salvia and Penstemons - snowy but still alive at present. These were still flowering in December. They are delightful and I have lots of cuttings in case the worst happens. 
A lone Crocus poking through the snow after I uncovered it.  

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