Friday, 17 February 2012

WIP Report - 1

How many WIPs? 6

Photo Gallery

Soliloquy Sox - no recent progress - but I do love the colours. 

Noro Sox III - no recent progress - still looking like string. 

Grape Vine Leaves - temporarily abandoned in favour of Rustic Prudence. 

Rainbow Socks - no recent progress - adore the colours though!

Rustic Prudence - just the neck and armband ribbing to go now - will hopefully be finished to wear for the cold snap this weekend. 

Lime Spiral - some progress made on recent long car journey - nice easy knitting for a car journey as you don't have to look down at it too much . 


  1. I am not honest with myself about WIPs let alone share them with anyone else. I am trying to work my way through mine, in between spinning too. I hope you only knit in the car when you are a passenger and not the driver. I have been known to whip my hook out in a bad traffic jam and I have an in the car project. :)

  2. I wasn't driving - honestly! I am going to keep the Soliloquy Sox in the car for when I'm waiting around for my sons. They might get done that way. I'm impressed with your spinning - that is a mystery to me. Chris x


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