Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Memory Lane

Recently we had to clear out the loft for our insulation to be updated. I came home from work to find the entire contents of my life in the 1980s out on the patio. It was a very weird experience seeing things I'd forgotten I ever owned. Amongst all of the treasure (junk) were my old 1980s knitting patterns and my two beloved knitting machines, which I haven't used since 1994. I have a chunky and a standard and the relevant ribbers too. I'm loathe to get rid of them but to be honest I prefer hand knitting.

Here are two books I haven't seen for many a year, sadly my Kaffe Fasset - Glorious Knitting wasn't there, which means I must have got rid of it :(

Firstly the machine knit patterns. Machine Knitting Chic was a European magazine full of very elaborate designs as you can see from the covers.

I didn't have a Bond, I had (have) a Brother KH230 chunky machine, but the Bond patterns worked well.

Machine Knitting News was my then favourite magazine here are some of the specials I saved.

A random selection of pattern books.

And not forgetting babies and children ....

On to the hand knit patterns - I have put them into categories.

1) The glorious 1980s batwings - I hand knitted the white mohair at the front in red - I wore it for years. I also made the blue cardigan on my Brother chunky for two friends.

2) The geometrics - I don't remember making any of these - honestly!

3) Mohairs - I used to make lots of mohairs on my Brother chunky - but I don't remember making any of these. My house used to be constantly covered in the mohair of the jumper I was knitting - those fibres used to fly everywhere. I like the green slipover - might make this next winter!

4) Big shoulders - look at these two babies - shoulders you wouldn't mess with!

5) Chunky knits - I loved the blue snowflake jumper and the orange mohair but I didn't make either of them.

6) Long sleeve cotton jumpers - I definitely made the cream lacy pattern.

7) Short sleeve cotton jumpers - I made all of these except the blue one. I did the red and white batwing in yellow and white - it was awful, I didn't wear it much. I did the squares in red with white lines to match a pair of shoes that I had at the time - it was ok. The white lacy one I made for someone else. The cream lacy one I made in pink and loved it.

8) Cotton sleeveless tops - I made the blue one in a silky grey/blue/purple very muted colours - loved it. I made the pink one at the front in white and wore it all the time.

9) More summer tops - I made the green one in peach and it was one of my most favourite hand knits ever. I don't think I made any of the others.

10) Classics - I might do the diamond one in purples and lilacs.

11) Men - they didn't escape the geometrics either. I made the black stripe one for my then boyfriend - now husband - I don't remember him ever wearing it:(

12) Babies and children - I don't think I've ever made any of these.

And that concludes my trip down memory lane - I hope you enjoyed these retro memories too.


  1. OH MY! What a blast from the past, 80s fashion is bound to make a revival!

  2. hahahah i should make my own account of my own magazines!!! great post!!!

  3. I have the Annette Mitchell Country Diary knitting, also recognise some of the patterns as I have been given some ones collection from 60s to late 80s.

  4. Some are mad aren't they and others don't really date. Laurakis - please do make a similar post I'd love to see it.

  5. Oh my! It's just like looking through my pattern collection! I still have most of these too. X


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