Sunday, 11 March 2012

My very own Suburban Daffodils!

Here they are poised to bloom ...

A couple came out on St David's Day - 1st March very timely.

My Hydrangea returning to life. I really should dead head it now shouldn't I.

A lovely golden trumpet:)

Lupin plant well truly back from it's winter sleep.

Pulmonaria in full bloom - I was given these at the end of last summer.

Last autumn I moved my beautiful blue Hibiscus but there are no signs of life as yet - I'm fearing the worst here.

Beautiful Camellia bush.

Magnolia buds fit to burst into beautiful blooms.

More Daffodils.

Winter tubs have gone from silver, red and white to blue and silver.

 A lovely splash of colour.

More Daffodils next to a very healthy looking Penstemon.

Close up of Pulmonaria.

Another angle on the Camellia.

This little tree is laden with buds this year - it's going to be stunning very soon.

Curly bulrushes still looking curly.

I love the yellow and blue together - these pansies have been a delight all winter.

Beautiful velvety petals and so vibrant:)

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  1. A beautiful selection of bright sunny daffodils! I love the blue and yellow together too. The Camellias and the Magnolia seem to be very forward. Looking forward to seeing more of your garden as time goes by



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