Thursday, 1 March 2012

Out and About - Knebworth

Last week I did my second 10k of the year. Back in January I ran the Epsom Perch in 1.22 - my slowest time ever. So had I improved over the last month...................

So here was the start of what looked like a nice flat race................

 Here is Knebworth House - at the top of a steep hill...........
 Here is another part of the course that looked very flat - but no. This was the hilliest 10k I have undertaken - even going down hill it was undulating, so it was a constant challenge all the way round. The course was a twice round course and lots of people dropped out after doing 5k, leaving me at the back of the runners (there were some walkers that finished after me). Still I did it - without stopping (although people did walk up some of the hills quicker than I ran), and hopefully will raise a few pounds for the British Heart Foundation.
 My son did the race too, it was his first 10k. So what were our times - Son 54.43 very pleasing. Me 1.16.43 - an improvement on last month and the 10k I did in November where I ran it in 1.17!
This picture of the house was taken from the coach as we journeyed back to the car park. My son - who has been a steward at the Sonisphere Festival for the past three years explained to me various places of note around the park including the tree where he had been knocked out in a mosh pit. Really I'd rather not know.

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