Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring has Sprung

 My magnificent Magnolia is well and truly on its way to full bloom.

The pansies are still blooming marvellous.

The Polyanthas are vibrant and gorgeous.

Two days later from the picture above and the Magnolia tree looks even more magnificent.

This is the first time I have planted Fritillaria - sometimes known as Snakes Head bulbs. It's easy to see where they got their nickname from!

Here is one opened out - they are tiny but perfectly formed.

When we moved into our house back in 1995 the garden was full of "cottage garden" type flowers and I loved it. However over time, two mini footballers and a lot of reshaping have meant that the old stock of Foxgloves, Campanula, Golden Rod, Daisies and Lupins simply disappeared. One of my favourite plants from those early years in our garden were the Aqualigias that appeared every spring. Having now persuaded Mr Daffy not to dig over this bed every spring and leave it to me, I am pleased to say that the Aqualigias have reappeared in their droves.

Here are some Aqualigias with some unknown bulbs and a Red Hot Poker in the background.

Here are some Aqualigias, with some bulbs, a daisy and sadly some weeds.

Aqualigias with a Kaffir Lily and some bulbs.

Aqualigias with Delphiniums poking through and some Siberian Wallflowers.

Aqualigias in the woodland spot with Ferns and Bergenia.


  1. Oh my goodness! I have been searching the internet all night trying to find out what the plants in my garden are and I popped over here to have a look and to my delight find out they are Aqualigias!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. I'm glad to have helped - I'm so looking forward to mine coming out, there are loads coming through:)

  3. Beautiful magnolia! And I'm a little envious of your delphiniums - I had them as part of my wedding bouquet but never quite got around to growing any successfully myself. What a happy & bright garden you have! x

  4. Thank you Sonia - I am going to be sowing some Delphinium seeds too asap so I'm hoping for a massive display of them this summer. They must have looked lovely in your bouquet.


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