Monday, 30 April 2012

April Garden

A round up of my April garden.

At the beginning of the month I was waiting for Tulips to flower and the Fritillarias were in full bloom. 

I had the odd Daffodil still out too.

Delphiniums were coming back to life and Aqualigias were poised to bloom for the first time in years.

My delightful Magnolia was just finishing its bloom.

Moving on through April and the Bluebells joined the Aqualigias and came out for first time in years. 

Mr Daffy put a little greenhouse up for me - it kind of reminds me of when I had a Wendy House as a child - I love it:)

It is a good year for Pansies at chez Daffy so far this year.

I planted a hot bed by moving all of the reds and oranges from my main bed - which is now the cool bed.

I planted lots of seeds but I haven't a great deal of success in seeing them come up yet.

Tomatoes and salad in old freezer trays. 

The Tulips finally bloomed - I wish I'd planted more.

But there were a few problems too - fungi in the Rosemary.

An Allium bulb that has formed joined to the leaf.

As we move towards May the Aqualigias are now blooming well and the wallflowers make a lovely backdrop. 

 And then I had a nice surprise - some suburban Daffodils I had forgotten about came out in my tubs which I just planted with Bellis Daisies - what a beautiful splash of colour to end the month:)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

WIP Report 9

How many WIPs? 3
How many WIPs started since last report? 8
How many WIPs completed since last report? 8

I have completed eight necklaces since my last report - each one taking no more than an hour - the trouble is I now have more necklaces that I know what to do with.

The first five that I made have already been blogged about in Beady Weekend. Here are the last three:

Photo Gallery


I am very pleased with the pendant - I have been wanting a new chain for it for some while and can now wear it again. The other two are ok - but I can see them being recycled someday into something better.

Knitting Projects

Summer Breeze
I have largely been working on Summer Breeze - a denim blue, 100% cotton, sleeveless summer top. I'm using a pattern I found in the loft recently. I really like the yarn I'm using - Twilley's Freedom Echo, I just hope I don't manage to shrink it in the wash!

Soliloquy Sox

 These are even more slow growing than Grape Vine Leaves. That said I love the stripey affect that emerges as you are knitting away. I am about 1 cm away from the heel.

Rainbow Sox

Again I am about 1cm away from the heel. 

And just to finish - here is my Rubbish Cress Pot overspilling with its first crop. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Beady Weekend

I had a very beady weekend and made a selection of new necklaces.

Thread: Kreinik metallic thread
Equipment: 1.25mm / selection of beads / barrel clasp
Pattern: Infamous beaded necklaces tutorial by Devon Clement

I received some lovely beads and metallic thread in a Ravelry swap - when I saw the beads they reminded me of a little black beady necklace that I already had - so I thought I would make my own version. 

Firstly I untwisted the black necklace to see how it was put together.

Then using the above pattern I made three chains - there wasn't enough thread left for a forth chain.

Next I gathered the ends onto a needle....

and threaded the needle through the ends of the chain.

I sewed the ends together...

 and attached a barrel clasp. I repeated this for the other side.

Hey presto - my necklace that I have christened Stardust:)

Next some more re-vamping of previous work.

I made this necklace - which was recycled from a bracelet that my son brought back from a school trip to Rome. The beads were a bit heavy for a bracelet. However this necklace didn't lay right on the neck.

So - I re-vamped it using a simple threading onto 28gauge wire technique - attached the toggle clasp and here it is - my new necklace Roman Holiday:)

Another necklace in need of a re-vamp was this Cornish granite pendant - it was on leather that had gone tatty, so I threaded a seed bead chain for it.

Pearly Wood was next for a re-vamp - well just an extra seed bead chain - it is definitely finished now:)

Coffee Bean - now for some more threading of beads in my stash.

Half an hour of threading results in this little gem:)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blue Garden

My suburban garden is looking very blue as we approach the end of April.

Pansies - still looking velvety and glorious.

For the first time in many years - Bluebells have returned.

 My favourite - Aqualigas - this is the first one out but there are many more poised and waiting.

Here are the Aqualigias standing tall amongst the Bluebells. I didn't plant any of these they have all just appeared:)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

WIP Report 8

How many WIPs? 3
How many WIPs started since last report? 5
How many WIPs completed since last report? 4

Photo Gallery

Firstly for some crocheted jewellery using a pattern I made up myself. It's not perfect and I need to make another one to do the adaptations to the pattern. 

Spangle  (so called after the 1970s sweets Spangles). 

Yarn: Petra Crochet Cotton No. 5
Equipment: 1.5mm hook / seed beads / small glass beads / statement bead / toggle clasp

171 chain + 1 for turning (This came up a bit short but I added some beads at each end to make it up). 

Row 1 - Half treble into each chain. (US = Half double crochet).
Row 2 - *Three chain then two trebles (US = Double crochet) all into the first stitch / slip stitch into side of second treble / slip stitch x 5 into next 5 stitches  - repeat from * to end of row.

- sew five seed beads onto each pad
- thread 4 small glass beads, statement bead and another glass bead onto yarn and sew in middle of necklace. I always thread the yarn back through and fasten off on the necklace itself.

As mentioned earlier - this came up a bit short for me - so I threaded four glass beads at each end of the necklace and fastened them to the toggle clasp. ( If you don't have a toggle clasp you can use a crochet chain and a button.)

Celtic Baubles

I bought the glass baubles at the bead shop near Covent Garden and decided to mix them with some silver barrels and a Celtic knot that I have had for years. I love it:)

You may remember Pearly Wood from a previous blogpost Recycled Necklace - well after some consideration I decided I preferred the picture where the beads were just threaded rather than crocheted. So I frogged the necklace an re did the whole thing.

First with one chain ..

Then with two chains - and now I'm happy with it:)

 Sugar Candy

More glass bead threading onto 28 gauge wire - this is very pretty and delicate.

 And last but not least - 25 years after the last time I knitted this Jaeger pattern - I'm knitting it again.
The pattern was recently unearthed in my loft - you can see the hoard of patterns here.

As you can see I'm using Twilley's Freedom Echo - which is a recycled cotton and I'm very pleased so far with how it is knitting up:)

Other projects:
Soliloquy Sox and Rainbow Sox - no progress.

Knitting Knotes - Bremen Reyna

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