Monday, 30 April 2012

April Garden

A round up of my April garden.

At the beginning of the month I was waiting for Tulips to flower and the Fritillarias were in full bloom. 

I had the odd Daffodil still out too.

Delphiniums were coming back to life and Aqualigias were poised to bloom for the first time in years.

My delightful Magnolia was just finishing its bloom.

Moving on through April and the Bluebells joined the Aqualigias and came out for first time in years. 

Mr Daffy put a little greenhouse up for me - it kind of reminds me of when I had a Wendy House as a child - I love it:)

It is a good year for Pansies at chez Daffy so far this year.

I planted a hot bed by moving all of the reds and oranges from my main bed - which is now the cool bed.

I planted lots of seeds but I haven't a great deal of success in seeing them come up yet.

Tomatoes and salad in old freezer trays. 

The Tulips finally bloomed - I wish I'd planted more.

But there were a few problems too - fungi in the Rosemary.

An Allium bulb that has formed joined to the leaf.

As we move towards May the Aqualigias are now blooming well and the wallflowers make a lovely backdrop. 

 And then I had a nice surprise - some suburban Daffodils I had forgotten about came out in my tubs which I just planted with Bellis Daisies - what a beautiful splash of colour to end the month:)


  1. Thank you for the 'walk' through your lovely April garden.
    Some of my seeds are being very slow germinating (in unheated greenhouse) think it is the cold that is holding them back. Just before all this rain I sowed some spring onions and lettuce, reckon they'll be surfacing in Australia about now!
    Carol xx

  2. I think you are right about the unheated greenhouse - I have just got a few seeds poking through but it's all very slow.

  3. What a gorgeous garden you have!


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