Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Beady Weekend

I had a very beady weekend and made a selection of new necklaces.

Thread: Kreinik metallic thread
Equipment: 1.25mm / selection of beads / barrel clasp
Pattern: Infamous beaded necklaces tutorial by Devon Clement

I received some lovely beads and metallic thread in a Ravelry swap - when I saw the beads they reminded me of a little black beady necklace that I already had - so I thought I would make my own version. 

Firstly I untwisted the black necklace to see how it was put together.

Then using the above pattern I made three chains - there wasn't enough thread left for a forth chain.

Next I gathered the ends onto a needle....

and threaded the needle through the ends of the chain.

I sewed the ends together...

 and attached a barrel clasp. I repeated this for the other side.

Hey presto - my necklace that I have christened Stardust:)

Next some more re-vamping of previous work.

I made this necklace - which was recycled from a bracelet that my son brought back from a school trip to Rome. The beads were a bit heavy for a bracelet. However this necklace didn't lay right on the neck.

So - I re-vamped it using a simple threading onto 28gauge wire technique - attached the toggle clasp and here it is - my new necklace Roman Holiday:)

Another necklace in need of a re-vamp was this Cornish granite pendant - it was on leather that had gone tatty, so I threaded a seed bead chain for it.

Pearly Wood was next for a re-vamp - well just an extra seed bead chain - it is definitely finished now:)

Coffee Bean - now for some more threading of beads in my stash.

Half an hour of threading results in this little gem:)


  1. Wow you have been busy, they look great.

  2. Nice clear tutorial, look lovely.

  3. i love your bead work. the tutorials are big help to a New Beader like me.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments:) x

  5. Love the way you give new life to the jewellery. Particularly like "Roman Holiday".
    Carol xx


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