Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gourmet Garden and Perfect Pansies

 More about my Gourmet Garden and Pansies in a bit but first some random pics.

I'm still loving these Fritillarias - will definitely be getting more of them this Autumn.

Here are three Allum bulbs that are ready to burst into bulbalicious beauty!

And here is the view looking out from my Weeping Silver Birch tree, which gives me a woodland area on my large flowerbed.

Here up my tubs waiting patiently for a makeover.

These are three succulents that I brought back from Cornwall last summer - they all have new shoots on, so it looks like they've survived.

General pics of my left bed - with lots of flowers coming through that I haven't seen for years.

Siberian wallflowers out at last:)

Lots of Bluebells amongst the Aqualigias and Daisies.

The Pansy Patrol - it must be a good year for pansies because mine have never lasted so well. 

This little beauty I found growing in the garden so I lifted it and potted it. 

This one has just had a shower:)

Although this photo is slightly blurred I love the surreality it has.

My two French pansies from Le Touquet.

 And lastly this little pot of pansies re-seeded from last summer - look how tiny and gorgeous this is...

Last summer Mr Daffy arrived home from Tesco rather proud to have picked this little greenhouse up for £15 - I was sceptical in as much that I thought it would blow away - however - he has hooked it onto the shed and the fence and used some left over patio stones for a floor. It looks very professional I must say - and yesterday we saw the exact same one in a garden centre for £59 - so a bargin was had by Mr Daffy. 

He as also created me a "Hot Bed" so that I can move all of the red/orange flowers out of my main bed - which I want to be the "Cool Bed" - pinks, purples, whites and blues.

The hot bed has been planted with L to R - Penstemon - King George V, Kniphofia Border Ballet, Yellow Carnations, Lobelia Fan Scarlet, Mini Rose, Lobelia Quenn Victoria, Lupin, Kangaroos Paw and Penstemon King George V.

And now for the Gourmet Garden - well that might be pushing it a bit. We bought a new freezer this week and so the old freezer trays have been recycled.

I have sown strawberry seeds in the terracotta planters. In the black tubs are tomato plants with mixed salad leaves. In the freezer trays are more mixed salad leaves. In the blue pots are Begonias lifted from last summer.

Here are Dahlias - lifted from last year. Plus Sage seeds, Delphinium seeds, Cosmos seeds and Foxglove seeds.

Penstemon and Lobelia cuttings plus salad leaves and Rocket.

Hollyhocks and Rocket.

Four Geranium cuttings from last year - oh in the background in the white pot is my Orchid - which didn't surivie:(

Inspired by Deco Cat's Courgettes I have planted courgette seeds and chilli seeds in the freezer trays.

And lastly - the last Daffodil standing:)


  1. Wow your garden is a riot of colour! Flowers are not something we have had much success with although I am hoping this will be my year. Tickled pink to have a mention on your blog, may your get oodles of courgettes this year!

  2. I did plant lots of flowers last year and luckily 90% seemed to have survived, but what is really exciting is seeing what just comes up now the bed isn't being dug over every few weeks. I haven't grown fruit and veg before, so I'm hoping I get some crop - I might need your advice on freezing courgettes!


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