Sunday, 1 April 2012

Inside the magazines ...

I had such a lot of interest in the last post I thought I'd do a follow up. So here is the inside story. Be warned these pictures contain scary hair, scary shoulders and batwings that could fly!

First of all the Bond magazines which adapted hand knit patterns for the Bond. Some crazy geometrics and a crazy 80s quiff. I made the V backed mohair for a woman at work - it must have itched like hell! I always wore a blouse under my mohairs:)

The lady with scary blonde bob and killer shoulder pads returns...

That quiff is reminiscent of "Something About Mary".

"Bob lady" again in a pattern I used over and over again - I even tried a bit of applique.

From the Men's Machine Knitting Monthly Collection some frankly quite odd attire!

From the Chunky Collection - the star prize for batwings goes to this little number.

Well the "Log Cabin" jumper could at least use up oddments!

Some stylish little numbers - I'm not sure when they were stylish though!

This reversible bolero does have a bit of style to it.

From the Flamingo magazine - some "stylish in the 80s" knitted suits. Not stylish if you are 5ft 3 though:(

The next collection comes from the Brother Chunky book - which if memory serves me correctly came with the machine - honestly it's a wonder it didn't put me off - check out the hair and the strange array of jumpers.

Chunky batwings:)))

Let's hope Zandra Rhodes can come up with some style....

I still own and love pixie boots - always will:)

I think Zandra's collection is also for tall people not short stumpy people like me.

The last batch is from Machine Knitting Chic and contains applique to end all applique.

These batwings are not very environmentally friendly with all this waste yarn.

Here comes the applique...

I always meant to make the two tone top and I still quite like it:)


  1. Is it wrong to admit that I like some of the jumpers?

  2. As long as it isn't the giant pink batwing:)


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