Sunday, 15 April 2012

Out and About - Lavenham, Suffolk

Following on from my previous blog post - Out and About - Sutton Hoo - we left Anglo-Saxon England and headed off to Medieval England and the town of Lavenham. We parked up in the free car park by The Cock Inn and made our way down into the town. As you can see from the map this is a Medieval wool town and so there is plenty to keep crafters interested.

It really is a marvel that some of these buildings are still standing.

Before heading off to the Guildhall I popped into Cafe Knit and treated myself to some lovely Noro Silk Garden Sock. I'm so jealous that Lavenham has a cafe where you can by yarn (lovely yarn) and knit and crochet, it had a lovely friendly atmosphere too. Whilst in there I overheard a woman saying that she didn't like blogs she had to keep scrolling down - oops - well she won't like this one but you can't win them all;)

After my diversion in Cafe Knit we went into the National Trust's Guildhall which is a town museum.

Down to the cellar where there is a history of Lavenham from prehistoric times to the present day.

Upstairs there is lots of relics from Lavenham's time as a wool town.


 17th Century fireplace attire.

Some old oak steps.

A mummified cat called Rameses - these were kept in houses to ward off evil spirits.


Spinning and winding

General cottage equipment for a spinner.



Genuine teasel brush.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was written in Lavenham by Jane Taylor.

Back out on to the streets of Lavenham.

We popped into The Cock Inn by the car park for a quick snack, I had an awesome mushroom soup and the landlady was very chatty and friendly. 

All in all I can recommend Lavenham for a visit - I wish we could have stayed a bit longer than an afternoon.

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