Saturday, 14 April 2012

Out and About - Sutton Hoo


We stayed at The Bull Hotel in Woodbridge, so that we could get an early start to Sutton Hoo the next morning followed by the Guildhall in Lavenham in the afternoon. 

I wouldn't recommend The Bull Hotel - we paid £65 for the night b&b - which was overpriced for the quality of the room. It was clean but it was very small and the bathroom has chipped tiles and wobbly taps, however it was breakfast that really put us off . There was a buffet where you could make your own toast but the bread had mould on it, then to add insult to injury Mr Daffy put some of the tinned fruit on offer into a bowl - sat down to eat it and there was a massive hair in it :( grim!

Much nicer however was the pub next door Ye Olde Bell and Steelyard - very friendly and welcoming.

I also visited Anjay Fabrics - a friendly little yarn shop in Gobbits Yard, Woodbridge. Mostly it sold Stylecraft but I did get some nice sock yarn in there. 

Sutton Hoo

So off we went to Sutton Hoo an Anglo-Saxon burial site and Edwardian House managed by the National Trust. Firstly we went into the exhibition. 

This is a reconstruction of the body laid out the night before being buried in a boat inside one of the mounds. 

A replica of the boat the body was buried in.

Replica grave goods.

The large burial mound.

My arty shot of the sky:)

Inside the Edwardian house built in 1910, it is kept as a museum to the memory of Edith Pretty who in the 1930s commissioned the archaeology that uncovered the Anglo-Saxon burials. With this in mind the house is decorated 1930s style.

There are a few crafting pictures - some knitting here.

Craft bag and patterns.

Edith was a WWI nurse.

A crochet kit.

Relics of the archaeologist Basil Brown

Cream tea to finish before heading off to Lavenham - which I shall post in a few days time...........


  1. found you on Ravelry :-) Enjoyed your photos and commentary. Ick on the nasty b&b.

  2. He looks so casual lying there on his side...I'd never pictured it in my mind, but if I had I would have expected him to be posed more formally.

    *hee* Possibly my 20th century sensibilities are a bit different than theirs were? ;-)

  3. I'm not sure of the evidence for his laying out - it may based on the position the bodies were buried in. I was a bit disappointed that the actual grave goods weren't there to be honest but the replicas were interesting to look at and it keeps crafting alive and well:)


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