Tuesday, 3 April 2012

WIP Report - 5

How many WIPs? 4
How many WIPs started since last report? 0
How many WIPs completed since last report? 1

Photo Gallery

Lime Spiral

Yarn - Patons Cotton Smoothie
Pattern - OpArt by Melissa Domininguez
Equipment - 4mm dpns, 4mm circular needle 100cm long, 4 stitch markers (1 in a contrast to mark beg of round)

From humble beginnings.....

it was a long journey to the last row,

but the cast off finally began.

About 45 mins later and the cast off was complete - just the ends and the blocking to go.

Being blocked.

At last an OpArt buggy blanket for my friend who is not yet due for a month!

Now then back to Grape Vine Leaves - I made some progress on this during my recent trip to Le Touquet.

This is me sewing up the rogue edge which has ten stitches too many.

As you can see the mistake shouldn't be too costly - it all seems to fit together fine.

I'm currently finishing off the back - but decided to sew it up as I go, so that the rest of the seams all match well!

Noro Sox III

I have made a little progress on these and am currently working up the heel.

Rainbow Socks and Soliloquy Socks - have been sadly neglected:(


  1. That blanket is gorgeous and so distinctive! Looks ridiculously complicated too!

  2. Thanks - it does look complicated but it is very very simple - honestly. It's basically stocking stitch but circular knitting so you get a garter stitch affect. Then you have 4 markers equally spaced and you increase in the first stitch after the marker every time. That's it!

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog today and leaving a lovely comment!

    Love your lime green and white buggy blanket - cool!

    S x


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