Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WIP Report 7 - A Crafty Easter

I made the most of a long Easter weekend and some time off by being crafty and doing some gardening. You can read about the gardening here (Gourmet Garden and Perfect Pansies) and here are my completed crafty projects.

How many WIPs? 2
How many WIPs started since last report? 4
How many WIPs completed since last report? 5

Photo Gallery

Rubbish Cress Pot

Inspired by Lucy of Attic 24 with her Wrapping the Rubbish blog post. I decided the Greek yoghurt pot was just what I needed to grow some cress. So I found some old acrylic that I use for toys and set about wrapping my rubbish.

I used a chain of 68 + 1 for turning on a 4mm hook and formed the round. As I went along I found this was too big for the base, but was fine for the top. As the pot gets narrower as it goes down I decreased as I went round, but I should have decreased more for a tighter fit.

An hour or so later and here is the finished cress pot - not as professional as Lucy's but not bad for a first effort!

Noro Sox III

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock
Equipment: 3mm needles and a cable needle

Generally when I make socks I match up the yarn for socks that match - on this occasion I decided to throw caution to the wind and not match them up - but now they are made I'm not sure............ will probably frog one at some point and re do it! That said these are very cosy and very comfortable socks. My previous Noro socks were done on 2.5mm needles but I much prefer the 3mm version and will use 3mm again for Noro Sox IV (I haven't yet bought the yarn but I can feel it coming...)

Summer Daze

My last three projects are three summer necklaces and they all took about two hours in total - but they are very very simple!

Equipment: 28 gauge wire, beading pliers, clasps and lots of beads!

I used some beads that were new and some that were recycled from old necklaces. 


This is very tricky - so pay attention - thread beads onto wire in the order you desire. Put a clasp on one end and fasten. Cut the wire at the other end, put the clasp on and fasten. So simple eh!

More tricky is waiting for some nice summery weather to wear them!

Just two WIPs left at present:
Rainbow Sox and Soliloquy Sox

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