Thursday, 19 April 2012

WIP Report 8

How many WIPs? 3
How many WIPs started since last report? 5
How many WIPs completed since last report? 4

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Firstly for some crocheted jewellery using a pattern I made up myself. It's not perfect and I need to make another one to do the adaptations to the pattern. 

Spangle  (so called after the 1970s sweets Spangles). 

Yarn: Petra Crochet Cotton No. 5
Equipment: 1.5mm hook / seed beads / small glass beads / statement bead / toggle clasp

171 chain + 1 for turning (This came up a bit short but I added some beads at each end to make it up). 

Row 1 - Half treble into each chain. (US = Half double crochet).
Row 2 - *Three chain then two trebles (US = Double crochet) all into the first stitch / slip stitch into side of second treble / slip stitch x 5 into next 5 stitches  - repeat from * to end of row.

- sew five seed beads onto each pad
- thread 4 small glass beads, statement bead and another glass bead onto yarn and sew in middle of necklace. I always thread the yarn back through and fasten off on the necklace itself.

As mentioned earlier - this came up a bit short for me - so I threaded four glass beads at each end of the necklace and fastened them to the toggle clasp. ( If you don't have a toggle clasp you can use a crochet chain and a button.)

Celtic Baubles

I bought the glass baubles at the bead shop near Covent Garden and decided to mix them with some silver barrels and a Celtic knot that I have had for years. I love it:)

You may remember Pearly Wood from a previous blogpost Recycled Necklace - well after some consideration I decided I preferred the picture where the beads were just threaded rather than crocheted. So I frogged the necklace an re did the whole thing.

First with one chain ..

Then with two chains - and now I'm happy with it:)

 Sugar Candy

More glass bead threading onto 28 gauge wire - this is very pretty and delicate.

 And last but not least - 25 years after the last time I knitted this Jaeger pattern - I'm knitting it again.
The pattern was recently unearthed in my loft - you can see the hoard of patterns here.

As you can see I'm using Twilley's Freedom Echo - which is a recycled cotton and I'm very pleased so far with how it is knitting up:)

Other projects:
Soliloquy Sox and Rainbow Sox - no progress.


  1. Love all the necklaces and the jumper is looking great too.
    Carol xx


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