Friday, 25 May 2012

Garden Diary - 25th May 2012

The Cool Bed - from left to right!

This is the unloved section by the pond - with a Buddleia growing randomly after sowing itself there. 

Slightly more loved here - some Penstemons and a Hydrangea, with a Hosta that I thought was dead appearing once more. 

The woodland glade area, ferns, Pulmonarias, Geraniums and Nigellas. 

Still under the tree - Phlox, Lavendar, Campanulas, Rose Campion and some Wallflowers. 

Moving out of the shade - Salvia, Penstemon and Lupins. 

Penstemons, Astrantia, Aqualigia, Delphiniums and an Allium tucked away at the back. 

Here come the Daisies, blending lovely with the Aqualigia. 

Loving this bit of the garden at the moment. 

The end of the bed now - Alliums, Nigellas, and some mystery plants that have just grown. 

 The Hot Bed! 

No blooms looming yet. 

 The Wendy House

Courgettes with eggshells to keep slugs and snails at bay!

My dinner!

Tomatoes and Salad:)


  1. I love the huge selection of plants you have in your garden, I really need to get my beds planted properly so I can cut down on all the weeding!

  2. Hi Daffy, thanks for following my blog ... you're my 50th follower, so I'll be hosting a giveaway soon, so keep posted! Your garden looks lovely, and isn't it great just going out of your door and picking your dinner? Your veg plot looks a lot tidier than mine though, it's covered in weeds, with all the rain we've had! Have a lovely weekend, Claire

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments. I haven't bought a any salad leaves for weeks - one tiny pack of seeds is very productive:)

  4. I love your garden, especially your delphiniums and daisies. And those salad greens look so good too!


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