Sunday, 20 May 2012

Out and About - Danbury, Essex

This weekend I was fortunate to spend it with 22 fourteen and fifteen year olds as they did their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition.

For obvious reasons I can't post pictures of the kids but I took lots of pictures along the route that I can post. Hopefully this might dispel the myth that Essex is all fake tan and false eyelashes (neither of which I have ever worn!)

Danbury village centre

Which way next?

How heavy are those backpacks?

Proof it has been raining!

The Paper Mill Lock

Footpath to the church

Shady path

More proof of rain in the UK

Our homes for the night

No getting away from the mud here

Wild flowers and plants


  1. Oh lots of gooy mud but hopefully they got credit towards their award.

  2. Lovely photos! I think you are very brave to camp, I need walls and locks!

  3. I always think they've earned their award a little bit more if they had to slosh through mud.

    I love the odd night here and there camping, as long as 1) I have an airbed and 2) I'm near the loos:)


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