Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stitchcraft - October 1969

Whilst browsing in a charity shop for beads - I do this a lot, it's so much cheaper - I came across a fantastic magazine that I just had to have.

Come and have a look through it with me:)

The front cover - at the bottom in pencil is an address - 18 Lew Pr - so this must have been delivered in October 1969. The instructions are on pages 2 and 3. 

Page 4 and 5 gives instructions for a knitted dress - I love the mannequins behind!

Pages 6 and 7 contain some Autumn wear - I like the white jumper best:)

Pages 8 and 9 - don't forget the man in your life. 

Pages 10 and 11 - the matching jumper and bobble hat are sweet - but I'm not sold on the knitted trousers. I would have been 3 myself in 1969 and I have photos of me in similar outfits - and I had those white shoes!

Pages 12 and 13 - a rug and a tallboy runner. My mum used to make rugs at this time - she made me a tiger rug which I loved my entire childhood. (It is from her that I got my passion for crafting). 

Pages 14 and 15 - embroidery and crocheted doilies. 

Pages 16 and 17 - a crocheted sailor dress - I had a similar one when I was about 7 - made by my mum of course!

Pages 18 and 19 - a cross stitch table set. 

Pages 20 and 21 matching mother and daughter jackets - sweet!

Pages 22 and 23 - more Autumn jumpers - the stripy one is on the back page in glorious techni-colour.

Pages 24 and 25 - tapestry cushions - I'm not into doing tapestry but I like the designs - puts me in mind of Cath Kidston. 

Pages 26 - has cushion instructions.
Page 27 has a fab pram blanket for a big old pram. I have friend due in August, I was thinking of making this leaf blanket for her little one in autumnal colours - hmmmm....

Pages 28 and 29 - A bag that looks like a hot water bottle cover. A cartoon for the kids. And a brilliant draught excluder caterpillar, for a window ledge. Despite double glazing, I still think he is fab for a kids room. 

Pages 30 and 31 - an advert for a knitting machine - which reminds me to get my two on ebay.

Pages 32 to 37 are just instructions for all the patterns. 

Page 38 and 39 - Jumper and cardie - but not my style really.

The back page - I love this outfit and would happily wear it this Autumn - I also love the caption;)


  1. Thank you for sharing your great find. I love old magazines and have some from the 1940's. The adverts are always interesting.
    Carol xx

  2. I cannot prevent myself from buying these magazines whenever I come across them, even if I know I'll never knit anything from them! (Sort of like old-timey cookbooks where everything includes mayonnaise and jello...) I even like their smell. Thanks for sharing them!


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