Sunday, 13 May 2012

What I did during the final of Britain's Got Talent!

If I'm going to watch TV I have to make good use of that time by making something and last night was no exception. With the final of Britain's Got Talent on I decided it would be a good time to sit down and do something I've meaning to do for months.

A few years ago Mr Daffy bought a very strange set of pictures for the bathroom/loo containing shells and as you can see from the picture - odd bits of randomness! I think they were going cheap and he wanted to brighten up the place. However I've never liked this one and I have been wondering how to do something with it for sometime.

A couple of weeks ago I received some fabulous garden buttons in a Ravelry swap and about the same time Matt (of According to Matt fame) posted this Crocheted Clock. The two things together were enough inspiration to give me confidence that I could make something better than the weird arrangement in picture frame.

I gathered together some yarn that I thought might be useful - the walls are terracotta hence the orangey yarns.

I got a little crochet flower pattern from an old Let's Knit magazine and then I began pulling the picture apart.

I wasn't really sure where I was going with it - I just thought I'd make it up as I went along.

Firstly using 3.75mm needles and Patons Smoothie - I cast on 35 sts and I knitted enough rows to fill the entire window.

Still not sure where I was going with it - I set about making six flowers - very simple chain loops, using DK acrylic and 3.75mm crochet hook.

I definitely wanted to use the leaf buttons and at this stage I thought I would use the little white flower buttons too.

I sewed the top end of the green to the card and then the flowers to the green, using French knots for the centres. Then I sewed the rest of the green to the card.

In the end I decided not to use the white buttons as I didn't want to clutter it up! I need to get some proper tape to hold it in place at the back but other than that it is finished.

Hey Presto - knitted and crocheted art. I think it's much nicer than the original rubbish in a picture frame.

I am planning to do a Christmas version later in the year - so watch this space!


  1. That's so pretty! Love your blog, and would like to follow, please? Claire xxx

  2. Thank you for your kind comments - you are welcome to follow:)

  3. That is so cute! I am impressed!

  4. Hello there! soo very clever...It feels good when you create!! Happy Sunday!! Maria x

  5. What a great idea!! Would make a lovely gift too.

  6. Thank you for all your comments.

  7. This is great Chris so colourful and putting the frame to good use


  8. Perfect for me Yarny Art is the best. I have the wantsies now! I am scanning the living room now to see what I can 'Yarn Bomb'! xxx

  9. Love this! And much better than the original!!! x


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