Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WIP Report 10

How many WIPs? 3
Rainbow Sox, Soliloquy Sox, Pearl Drops

How many WIPs started since last report? 1
Pearl Drops

How many WIPs completed since last report? 1
Summer Breeze

Photo Gallery

Summer Breeze

Yarn: Twilley's Freedom Echo
Pattern: Jaeger Pattern from the 1980s - found in my loft.
Equipment: 3.25mm, 4mm, Cable needle, 3.25 circular needle (for sleeves). 
Length: 69cm
Chest size: 40 inches

Close up of cable pattern which combines two types of cable. 

I did knit a peach version of this back in the 80s - but sadly I can't find any photos of it. (Also sadly it was two sizes smaller!)

I love this top and will be wearing it all summer (if it ever stops raining). The yarn is a thick cotton and was lovely to knit with, so much so that I am planning to make something in the faded red version of the yarn. I think Summer Breeze will look great with white linen trousers or jeans and I am planning to make a denim blue necklace to go with it now:)

Here is the pattern and yarn all laid out ready to start. 

I used 11 balls in total.

Pearl Drops

I have had an idea for a crocheted necklace for some time - so I thought I'd start putting it into action. In WIP Report 9 I said I would probably recycle a silver and purple pearl necklace into something else - and so initially it was my intention to use the silver pearls for Pearl Drops. 

However today I wore the necklace with a purple blouse and I have decided it looks too nice to undo this arrangement. So I shall I have to source some more silver pearls to complete this project, I got the silver and purple pearls in a charity shop - previously they were two bracelets and they cost me 50p each - let's hope I can find another bargin somewhere. 

Anyway the idea is to create a row of loops with pearls sewn inside each one. I shall write up the pattern when I have finished - but as you can see it's not a difficult affair so far!

Rainbow Sox

I have at last managed to turn the heel of sock one!

Soliloquy Sox

1 cm away from the heel flap!

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  1. That jumper will be perfect for the summer. I really like the look of cabling.


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