Saturday, 23 June 2012

African Flower Bag - Part 3

The lining, the strap and the button.

The lining

I decided to hand sew as I can't remember how to use my sewing machine and it is buried at the back of my wardrobe. I found a pack of new serviettes in a charity shop for £2.59 - so I decided to use these.

Firstly I attached the lining to the top of the bag by folding over the top - I used yarn of the same colour to sew these bits together.
Top band pinned into place and the lining pinned down the side seam.

 Next I sewed the side seams using the edge of the serviette as the bit that shows.
Side seams sewn up. 

 I wasn't at all sure how I was going to do the bottom - I just made it up as I went along. Anyhow - I pulled out the base of the bag and then cut the lining around it. Then simply sewed up the seam.

Lining cut to shape. 

Bottom seam complete.

The lining is complete.

The lined bag with the bottom pulled out - all ready for a strap and a button. 

The Strap

I crocheted a chain the same length as my favourite length of strap. Then I half-trebled into every space. At the end I did 2 chains then half-trebled into the side of the last half-treble. Then half-trebled into the bottom of the first row - so that I could work round in a circle. This formed the middle - I then changed colour and did a round - working two half-trebles into the same space at the ends, this formed the curve. For the last round I chose the lightest colour as it matched the lining and therefore the sewing is least likely to show. 

Pinning on the lining strips. 

 I cut the serviettes into strips and and pinned them on to the strap - then hand sewed the lining on.

The Button

I got this fabulous button in a Ravelry swap the other week and it is perfect for this bag. Originally I was going to use a magnetic clasp - but the button just looked so at home on the bag it had to stay.

Button and Button loop
The back view of the bag and the button loop. 

To fix the button on I crocheted a chain to the bag using all three strands of yarn. I just crocheted until it fitted round the button and back again.

The finished bag - with a good view of the strap.

And here is the finished article - although it does need a bit of blocking. You can see that I attached the strap to the outside not the inside - it just looked neater and more of a feature.

Next time I would brave venturing into my wardrobe and finding the sewing machine for a more professional finish on the lining. Other than that - I'm quite pleased with it - just need some sunny days now to use it.

The blocked version


  1. What a great bag for the summer!

  2. I found your blog through ravelry. . . This bag is wonderful! I love it! Nice job :)


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