Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Psychedelic Seventies

The patterns people have given me recently!

I recently participated in a Trans-Atlantic swap on Ravelry and in my lovely package was a book that I must share with you. 

The Woman's Day Book of Granny Squares and Other Carry-Along Crochet

Be prepared for a massive explosion of colour and some - quite frankly - very odd uses of the granny square.

Here we go ..........

Whilst the pink waistcoat has credibility - that skirt does not - I was a child in the 70s and I must have blocked granny square skirts form my mind because I don't remember them. Perhaps it is a poncho that slipped down!

Would make a nice cushion cover - I like the colours. 

Poor woman having to model this - still the scarf is stylish:)

Hat - not for me, but I could see a use for that bag. 

You could team the slippers with the skirt - or is that over doing it? Meanwhile a tie to get your man/dad/son noticed! But what is in store for the dog?

Actually the dog looks quite stylish I think - not sure about the hat made of scraps though. I did have a red and white hat like this when I was about 7 or 8.

Useful stuff

More useful stuff

And even more useful stuff

The Afghan has potential - just needs some colour co-ordination. 

This would be more practical as an Afghan - surely!

Useful cushion pattern and a fab foot rest/coffee table - very versatile:)

Again this has potential - just needs a decent set of colours. 

My sons would bin this if I made it.

I'm not sure if this is a blanket or a skirt......

I do remember these from my childhood - I had a knitted blue and red stripy one. 

Has potential...

Not for me:(

The Head Turning Beret - well they said it.........

And finally for mother and daughter - I do remember these - I made one for myself - but I don't think I ever wore it. 

Friend's Clear Out Patterns

One of my friends was recently clearing out all her mum's old stuff and she saved some vintage / retro patterns for me. 

A very seventies tank top.

From 1961 - do you remember these brushed nylon smocked cushions. 

Also from the 60s - fabulous tea cosies

More crocheted place mats - these are a bit more stylish - love the china :)

Finally - from the 80s - a very sweet - cool - cardie. This will help to refocus your eyes after all that colour:)

Thanks for sharing x


  1. You struck gold there! I love the hat,the skirts the tie and the poodle! I could give up all other crafts and Granny square my little life away! I love the granny! :) x

  2. What a riot of colour!

  3. Must admit I love the beret!!
    Some crazy designs, am thinking you wuld be a person, who likes to stand out in a crowd, with these designs..hehe
    Maria x

  4. Sorry Daf,
    My spelling not its best today..
    (must wear husbands reading glasses) or admit I need some my self!!


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