Sunday, 3 June 2012

WIP Report 12

How many WIPs? 4
Minty Squares, Soliloquy Sox, Sock WIP bag, Baubles Necklace

How many WIPs started since last report? 5
Mystery swap, Sock WIP bag, Denim Shapes, Emergency Gloves, Baubles Necklace

How many WIPs completed since last report? 4
Pearl Drops, Emergency Gloves, Denim Shapes, Mystery swap

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Completed WIPs

Pearl Drops
Yarn: Crochet cotton Anchor Freccia 12
Equipment: 1.5mm crochet hook, bead needle, assorted beads (pearls), toggle clasp


Row 1
Chain 20 - slip stitch into chain 1 to form a loop.
*Chain 25 - slip stitch into chain 6 to form a loop*

Repeat from * to * for as many loops as desired.

Row 2

2 chain - turn
double crochet into each chain to form a band.

I added 35 chain each side then the toggle clasp.

Sew beads into the loop as required.

Denim Shapes
This is a simple threaded necklace with a toggle clasp - however I added a droplet.
I did this by tying the thread in the middle of the necklace and then adding the required beads onto it.

Mystery Swap Item - this can't be revealed because I haven't posted it yet.

Emergency Gloves
Yarn: Black Crochet Cotton no.5
Equipment: 1.5mm crochet hook
Pattern: Shell Lace Fingerless gloves by Rachel

This weekend I went to a wedding, which was very lovely, but earlier in the week when I tried on my outfit I decided it needed some black lacey gloves to go with it.

As I had a mega busy week ahead I knew if I was going to make them they would have to be simple.

I found a very simple pattern on Ravelry and began.

We left for Suffolk at 9.30am and you can see above where I was at!

Finally at 10.15am I finished the gloves with an hour and a half to spare and I have to say I was very pleased with the result.


Baubles Necklace
On the way home from the wedding I couldn't sit doing nothing in the car - so I began what will be a Baubles necklace for my friend. It is based on a favourite pattern of mine Beaded Choker by Julie Bolduc .

Sock WIP bag

My friend bought me a ball of Katia Ondas for Christmas and so I have decided to make a bag to put my Sock WIPs in.

At present I have finished knitting but I now need to sort out the lining - I'm thinking of using an old pair of Jeans so that they have a ready made pocket.

Minty Squares

Some progress on  my 1980s retro revival top! I have decided to make the squares bigger than on the pattern.

Lastly - no progress on poor old neglected Soliloquy Sox!


  1. My you have been busy! All lovely but the lacey gloves are just perfect. Carol xx

  2. The gloves are so pretty!


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