Saturday, 9 June 2012

WIP Report 13

How many WIPs? 3
Minty Squares, Soliloquy Sox, Summer Bag 2012

How many WIPs started since last report? 5
Summer Bag, Camera Case, Red Necklace, Smarties Necklace, Heart Necklace

How many WIPs completed since last report? 6
Baubles Necklace, Red Necklace, Smarites Necklace, Heart Necklace, Sock WIP bag, Camera Case

Completed WIPs

Baubles Necklace

Yarn: DMC Petra No.5
Hook: 1.5m
Equipment: Selection of beads, toggle clasp, bead needle

Red Necklace

Yarn: Embroidery Floss
Hook: 1.5m
Equipment: Selection of beads, toggle clasp, bead needle
Pattern: Infamous Beaded Necklaces by Devon Clement

I'm not sure if I like this - it is what I would call a holiday necklace - but it might get recycled.

Ready to thread

Ready to crochet


Smarties Necklace and Heart Necklace

Ready to thread.

Half an hour later !
These simple threaded necklaces are for my friend and her daughter. The heart necklace was for the daughter's 18th and Smarties necklace was for my friend - I called it the Smarties necklace after the blue Smartie shaped beads.  

The Sock WIP Bag

I blogged about it here but here is one more picture. 

Ready loaded with Soliloquy Sox.

Camera Bag

I generally buy Let's Knit magazine each month and this month was no exception. The freebie this month was some pink and green yarn and a crochet hook, which I instantly decided would make a lovely African Flower Camera Case. I added the cream centre yarn from my stash. 

I made 3 African Flower Hexagons, then I sewed the sides together - all but the top side of each hexagon.
I then did 3 rounds of half trebles - decreasing 1 stitch at each of the three corners on each round.
Next I crocheted a chain using all three yarns and added some beads onto the ends. 
I threaded the chain through the second round of half trebles (every third half treble) and hey presto it was done!

Above you can see how much of the free yarn was left. 

I love this little pouch - I think green and red ones would make nice Christmas Gift Bags.


Minty Squares

This 80s retro revival has now reached the armholes and as such has been transferred to circular needles. 

Soliloquy Sox

Thanks to a long car journey - I have at last begun to turn the heel!

Summer Bag 2012

I have long since wanted to make an African Flower Hexagon Bag and at last I have begun.

There are six basic combinations and I think four of each might be enough. I shall be finishing the bag in a similar fashion to the Camera Case above - except that I shall line it and add a magnetic clasp and a strap.

Swap Package

Lastly I received a Ravelry swap package today from Mattymouse and I love absolutely everything in it. Have a look and see how fab it is - I just hope she likes hers as much as I like mine.

There was also a shawl pattern that Mattymouse emailed to me - inside the pink pouch is some fabulous oak buttons and alongside the book you can just see a bone crochet hook - how lucky am I!!!! Thank you Mattymouse:)

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  1. wow you've been busy! Such a great swap package and I love all the different necklaces that you've made x


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