Thursday, 23 August 2012

Asian Adventure - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A trip across the Delta!

I can thoroughly recommend the Majestic Hotel  in Ho Chi Minh City. The building is beautiful, the staff are amazing and you will be in for a very relaxing time if you book a room there. 

We spent the first day there choosing trips to go on and relaxing by the pool, reading, dozing and swimming. 

The pool courtyard

Sunrise over the Mekong

Hotel foyer
The first trip we went on was to the Mekong Delta and the island of My Thor. Our guide picked us up at 8am and off we went.
First stop was a pagoda with a rather large Buddha.

Whilst there we had tea with a monk, it was a very peaceful experience and a lovely atmosphere. 

Next we were off in a boat across the Mekong 

Firstly to a place with lots of bees. 

More tea - this time with crystallised fruit

Then we moved to tropical fruit bar with folk entertainment

A relaxing canoe ride

Then we headed back across the river to a coconut candy factory

Before being taken to restaurant for lunch
For our trip the next day we selected to go the CanGio Forest a UNESCO site preserved for ecological purposes. The booklet didn't have much information on this trip - so we didn't quite know what to expect - but we were so glad we picked it.

Boat across to the island.
Feeding the crocodiles

Hungry jaws

Mangrove Forest

Viewing tower

The view

Happy Saigon cocktail at the Majestic Hotel

Morning over the Mekong
 The final trip was a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

A tiny entrance to the tunnels.

Shoes made out of tyres.

The first layer of tunnels - you can go through these.
 After returning from the tunnels we had a quick walk around Ho Chi Minh City.
Reunification Hall from the outside.

Reunification Hall from the inside

Notre Dame - Ho Chi Minh City

The Post Office

The Heli Pad

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  1. Really breathtaking! What an awesome adventure you have been on! :) x


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