Thursday, 16 August 2012

Asian Adventure - Mukdahan, Thailand

Life in a Northern Town

Mukdahan is in the north east of Thailand on the banks of the Mekong, which provides the border with Laos. 

The Mekong in Mukdahan. 


It is ten hours by bus from Bangkok and has two distinguishable landmarks of note:

The Friendship Bridge to Savannakhet in Laos

The observation tower.

Like all Thai towns it also has its fair share of temples, including this one set in the hills, with fantastic views over the entire area.

So what was our motivation for going to this remote and yet bustling town which is way off any tourist route?

Friends of course! We have friends who moved here a couple of years ago and we thought it was about time we visited them.

This was the view from our table at lunch. 

Our friends have a sugar cane plantation.

One of our fantastic lunch menus. 

A Thai salad basket. 

Barbecued fish - very tasty:)

Restaurant on the shore of the Mekong. 

Afternoon market - one of the many each day in Mukdahan. 

I have forgotten the name of these but they are delightful. 

Durian - stinky fruit but very tasty.

A Thai bin made out of old tyres, everyone seems to have one and I would have brought one home if I could - they are so much more stylish than a wheelie bin.

Peeseuua - Butterfly

Local beauty spot.

Another local beauty spot.

A beetle on our friends' patio. 

A giant millipede.
And all too soon it was time to be on our way to Laos for the next stage of our Asian Adventure............

Buses depart hourly to Laos. 
We were a bit worried about this bus because we had read that you have to tell the bus driver to wait if you have to get a visa to get into Laos. However we needn't have worried, our Thai friend had a word with the driver and I don't know what she said but he pretty much held our hand all the way to Savannakhet.

Here we go across the Mekong, past the place where we had lunch a few days earlier.

The first booth we came to on the bridge was the Thai border control, this is where you officially exit Thailand. Then there is a short journey of about 100 metres in no mans land. 
But you'll have to wait for the next instalment to find out what happened next............

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