Monday, 29 October 2012

WIP Report 19

How many WIPS? 3

Soliloquy Socks 
Celtic Knot Gloves
Christmas Tree Art

How many WIPS started since last report? 3

Aegean Sea Mash Up
Caramel Mash Up
Rose Garden 

How many WIPS completed since last report? 4

Aegean Sea Mash Up
Caramel Mash Up
Rose Garden
Blueberry Beanie

How many FOs revamped since last report? 1

Summer Breeze is now Winter Woolly

Photo Gallery

Aegean Sea Mash Up

Aegean Sea because of the turquoise colours.
Mash Up because lots of beads are reused and recycled and mixed up to create something new. 

The finished Aegean Sea Mash Up

Here's how the Aegean Sea Mash Up became a necklace. 

1) Look for similar shades of beads in the Treasure Chest. Most of these are recycled from a bracelet bought for 50p. 

2) Wash them. 

In soak.

I use InfaCare - a gentle baby bubble bath. 

Dry them off. 

3) Divide them into two groups of 65.
4) Thread the first 65- try to spread out evenly small and large beads. 

Threaded beads waiting for the hook!

5) Using crochet cotton and a 1.25mm hook - 5 chain, bead, 2 chain, bead.

In this case if it was a large bead I did 3 chain. For smaller beads I brought them up 2 at a time. 

6) Join the two crocheted ropes and in this case I added a silver chain fastening.

The finished article - a birthday present for a friend. 

Rose Garden

Using bead wire and a 1.5mm hook.
I got these beads in a sale they cost £3 in total. 
I thought they would suit my friend's daughter as she is very girly, so here is my first Christmas Present made.

1) Thread the beads onto the wire in the order you want. 
2) I did 10 chain, bead, 2 chain bead etc 
3) Fasten the toggle clasp.

Caramel Mash Up

A second Christmas present made - this time for my cousin. 

1) Select beads and divide into two groups of equal numbers. These beads are part of my haul from the RSPCA as seen in this Treasure Chest, I just added a variety of seed beads and some gold beads. 
2) Thread in order you require - I had 30 seed beads each end and two seed beads in between each larger bead throughout the main part of the necklace.
3) I did 8 chain then 2 seed beads, 1 chain, x 15
4) 1 large bead,1 chain, 2 seed beads, 1 chain - repeat
5) Attach a clasp

I hope she likes it!

Revamped FO: from Summer Breeze to Winter Woolly

Sadly Summer Breeze was too thick for summer, then I washed it and it shrunk a bit too. So I decided to redo the neck and make the armholes bigger. It can now be worn with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath and looks great with jeans:)

Now a sleeveless winter woolly!

Celtic Knot Gloves

Using up left over yarn from Grape Vine Leaves - these are coming along well. I am going to make a Sockhead Hat to go with it. 

Lastly - the Blueberry Beanie

Blogged about here
For my friend's birthday - to go with the Aegean Sea Mash Up

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Garden Diary - 24th October 2012

Wet Wednesday morning in suburbia!

I had a little wander around my plot this morning and here's what I found. 

Some soggy plants

Kaffir Lily looking lush

Aster Chatterbox - chatting no more:(

A Cosmos that looks like something from Halloween.

A Dahlia still clinging to its blooms.

Salvia - reaching out for the light in the morning gloom.

Dahlia Roxy - looking like the eyes of the flowerbed.

Cute little Dahlia:)

Penstemon and Spurge

The Wendy House

My Wendy house is still standing - just!

Tomatoes and friend


Sage and cuttings

The last of the tomatoes

Chilli plants - no fruit though. 

The Silver Birch in Autumn

Monday, 22 October 2012

WIP Report 18

How many WIPS? 4

Soliloquy Socks 
Blueberry Beret
Celtic Knot Gloves
Christmas Tree Art

How many WIPS started since last report? 7

Minty Mash Up
Metallic Mauve Mash Up
Ocean Waves
Celtic Knot Gloves
Fergie Fob
Christmas Tree Art
Blueberry Beret

How many WIPS completed? 5

Raspberry Swirl Sox
Minty Mash Up
Metallic Mauve Mash Up
Ocean Waves
Fergie Fob

Photo Gallery

Raspberry Swirl Sox

Very comfortable - such a fab pattern - Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherly - available on Ravelry. 
I used Schoellerstahl Fortissima Mexiko and 2.5mm dpns

The Mash Ups

The Mash Ups feature in a previous post - Minty and Metallic Mauve Mash Ups

Ocean Waves

Made from glass beads and gold bead wire - using 1.5mm hook and finished with a barrel clasp. 
Ocean Waves because of the bouncy nature of the blue beads bobbing up and down. 

Fergie Key Fob

Using Let's Knit Issue 60 - free yarn and supplement. 
 I made the Fergie flowers and attached them to a a tube - 5 stitches - 26 rows using double thickness yarn on 3.75mm needles.

Then I attached a selection of beads.

It is not as good as I thought it would be - but it is colourful and I won't lose my keys in my bag!

Christmas Art

From Let's Knit 60 again - I have made the tree and star and will return to this nearer December!

Celtic Knot Gloves

Using up yarn from my Slow Growing Grape Vine, I'm planning a matching hat too. 

Blueberry Beret

I'm making this for my friend's birthday. 

Soliloquy Sox - no change!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Treasure Chest 20/10/12

Lifting the lid on the Treasure Chest today!

I am quite pleased with my morning's haul on this fine autumnal day. On this occasion I was searching for beads that I can use for Christmas pressies. I decided to look for red beads so that I can make a Mash Up for my friend who wears a lot of red. I have another friend for whom a purple Mash Up will look fab. I also wanted some wooden beads for a friend who loves big, dangley, folksy style earrings. I also have a cousin for whom a brown and cream Mash Up will look fab.

From the St Francis Hospice shop for £3.50

From the RSPCA for £5

As you can see I largely stuck to my search criteria and found the colours I wanted. I couldn't resist the black beads for £1.50 - they are always useful.

In total this treasure chest of booty came to £8.50
Well this little lot should keep me going for a while:)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crochet Notes - Mash Ups

Now I have a substantial bead collection from all my treasure hunts and bargain hunts I thought it was time that I made some necklaces that made use of my huge stash of beads. I thought it would be good to make a couple of Mash Ups for me to practise then I can make some up for Christmas presents. 

Minty Mash Up

I decided to use the beads on this jade/turquoise hue so that I could wear them with Minty Cables.

I used 129 beads  - including the pearls from the Rainbow Trust shop featured in my Treasure Chest post.

I divided them into two groups - 65 and 64 and threaded them onto the cotton. I did 5 chain with a 1.25mm hook then brought up beads in groups of two and crocheted them into the next chain - followed by 2 chain. For the larger oval beads I did 3 chain after and just did that bead on its own.

Once the two strands were complete, I crocheted them together and did 10 chain before fastening off.

I then attached a silver chain that I had salvaged from an old necklace I took apart and hey presto - it was complete:)

Metallic Mauve Mash Up

For my metallic mauve mash up I undid two necklaces I made a while ago and applied the same technique as above. This time the beads are smaller - so it is a more delicate finish.

Here is the finished Metallic Mauve loveliness. 

Now all I need is to go on a Junk Jewellery Hunt so that I can recycle for Christmas pressies. 

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