Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crochet Notes - Mash Ups

Now I have a substantial bead collection from all my treasure hunts and bargain hunts I thought it was time that I made some necklaces that made use of my huge stash of beads. I thought it would be good to make a couple of Mash Ups for me to practise then I can make some up for Christmas presents. 

Minty Mash Up

I decided to use the beads on this jade/turquoise hue so that I could wear them with Minty Cables.

I used 129 beads  - including the pearls from the Rainbow Trust shop featured in my Treasure Chest post.

I divided them into two groups - 65 and 64 and threaded them onto the cotton. I did 5 chain with a 1.25mm hook then brought up beads in groups of two and crocheted them into the next chain - followed by 2 chain. For the larger oval beads I did 3 chain after and just did that bead on its own.

Once the two strands were complete, I crocheted them together and did 10 chain before fastening off.

I then attached a silver chain that I had salvaged from an old necklace I took apart and hey presto - it was complete:)

Metallic Mauve Mash Up

For my metallic mauve mash up I undid two necklaces I made a while ago and applied the same technique as above. This time the beads are smaller - so it is a more delicate finish.

Here is the finished Metallic Mauve loveliness. 

Now all I need is to go on a Junk Jewellery Hunt so that I can recycle for Christmas pressies. 

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  1. Oh My!!!
    Crocheting with beads!
    You have opened up a whole new other world.....
    Now off to gather all those beads couldn't part with but did not want to wear as is!!
    Thank you
    Ps having a crochet giveaway at mine, but you are far to talented to need my little bits?


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