Thursday, 11 October 2012

Garden Diary - 11th October 2012

Autumn Twilight

As twilight falls across my little patch of England, I decided to take a wander around the back garden and see how the blooms are coming along.

Dusky Dahlias

Firstly let's have a peak at the Dahlias.......... 

I have decided that next year I shall be investing in many more of these, they are absolutely fabulous and each one so different from the next.

Gorgeous Asters

Likewise I shall be investing in more Asters next year too - again they are full of blooms and look amazing.

Blooming Blues

I have planted quite a few pansies and cyclamens for winter colour. 

This Blue Angel Salvia is stunning in its vividness. It is the bluest plant I have ever seen. I have taken some cuttings too, which all look healthy at present. 

Other Twilight Blooms

Begonias - still looking exotic. 

The Hydrangea - looking as fab faded as it does in full bloom. 

Cheeky little Kaffir Lily

Penstemon King George - still looking regal. 

Lots of October colour - here you can see my winter pansies and cyclamens too. 

I'm feeling quite proud of my October blooms in the Autumn twilight. 

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