Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Knitting Knotes - Minty Cables

Yarn used: Patons Linen Shadow DK
Amount: 11 x 50g balls
Needles: 3 1/4 mm and 4mm (3 1/4 mm circular is useful too)
Chest 44 inches, Length 25 inches, Length to sleeve 15 1/2 inches

A finished "Minty Cables" with original pattern, adaptation notes and left over yarn. 

Instructions for the front

  • Using 3 1/4 mm cast on 121sts and knit in 1 x 1 rib for 23 rows.
  • Increase evenly to 146sts on the next row. 
  • Change to 4mm needles.
  • Row 1 - P16, *K6, P12, K6* repeat to last 16sts - purl them.
  • Rows 2 to 4 - as set.
  • Row 5 - cable 3 back, knit 3, knit 3 from cable - on knit stitches
  • Rows 6 to 8 as set (these 8 rows form the cable pattern - keep correct throughout).
  • Repeat cable pattern 11 times. ***
  • Divide for neck and decrease for arms on next row - work simaultaneously. 
  • Decrease 8sts on next row.
  • Work 14 rows - decrease 1st at arm edge on every row. 
Neck Shaping
  • Knit to middle 2 sts and put them on a pin - turn.
  • Decrease at neck edge on alternate rows for 40 row (20sts will be lost here). 
When all shaping is complete there will be 30 stitches left on the needle. 

Continue until 10 repeats of the pattern have been completed from the shaping and cast off. 

Repeat for the other side. 

Instructions for the back

  • Work as for front until ***
  • Complete arm shaping only. 
  • Continue until 9 repeats of the pattern have been completed. 
Neck Shaping
  • Pattern 36 - turn.
  • Complete row 2 of the pattern.
  • Decrease 1st at neck edge on next 6 rows of the pattern. 
  • Cast off
  • Put Middle 30sts onto a holder.
  • Complete other side to match. 

The completed neck. 

Instructions for neckline

  • Use 3 1/4 mm circular needle.
  • Pick up 14sts down the side of the back neck - knit 30sts - pick up 14sts along back side of neck.
  • Pick up 70sts down the left - knit 2 tog in middle - pick up 70sts up right side of neck. (199sts)
  • Knit 6 rows in 1x1 rib
  • On alternate rows either side of middle stitch - S1K1 PSSO, Knit middle stitch, K2tog
  • Cast off loosely.

Instructions for armhole ribbing

  • Using circular needle
  • Pick up 70sts along each side - 140sts in total
  • Knit 6 rows 1x1 rib
Sew in all ends and block as required!

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