Saturday, 13 October 2012

Treasure Chest 13/10/12

Welcome to the first post in what I hope will be a regular occurrence on my little corner of blogland - the Treasure Chest!

I do like the concept of recycling and reusing and as regular readers will know I do like to  make junk jewellery, either by crocheting or simply threading. As such I am always on the look out for unusual and cheap beads and where better to find such items than in a charity shop. Not only am I recycling but I am giving money to charity too - it's win win really isn't it!

I sometimes make jewellery and then wonder if the original was better than what I made - but more often than not I can't really remember the original. So I have decided to record my purchases from these junk jewellery hunts to see if my creations are better or worse than what I pull to pieces - although it's all just a matter of opinion really isn't it:)

So let's see what I found today.

From The Children's Society for £2.99

From the RSPCA for for £1.20

From Sue Ryder for £2.25

From the Rainbow Trust for 50p

A total of £6.94 for all of these fabulous beads. 

I particularly like pearls and glass beads - as you can see. I don't tend to wear long strings of beads, I prefer short strings that sit just round my neck. So these long strings will be pulled apart, washed and revamped into  my own personal creations. With Christmas coming I aim to make some nice girly presents for friends and family - and I will of course keep you posted with the results.

Thanks for reading the first Treasure Chest:) x


  1. That is a good haul of treasure! It will be interesting to record before and after. :) x

    1. Some have already been used in a Minty Mash Up - more details to follow:) x


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