Saturday, 20 October 2012

Treasure Chest 20/10/12

Lifting the lid on the Treasure Chest today!

I am quite pleased with my morning's haul on this fine autumnal day. On this occasion I was searching for beads that I can use for Christmas pressies. I decided to look for red beads so that I can make a Mash Up for my friend who wears a lot of red. I have another friend for whom a purple Mash Up will look fab. I also wanted some wooden beads for a friend who loves big, dangley, folksy style earrings. I also have a cousin for whom a brown and cream Mash Up will look fab.

From the St Francis Hospice shop for £3.50

From the RSPCA for £5

As you can see I largely stuck to my search criteria and found the colours I wanted. I couldn't resist the black beads for £1.50 - they are always useful.

In total this treasure chest of booty came to £8.50
Well this little lot should keep me going for a while:)


  1. Another great hoard. The reds are going to be really pretty. x

  2. Wow! Those beads are so beautiful! You made a great choice! I have never tried anything with beads but I'm always inspired by people's beading creations!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Wishing you a great weekend!
    Best, LS


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