Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WIP Report 17

How many WIPS? 2

Soliloquy Socks 
Raspberry Swirl Sox

How many WIPS started since last report? 3

Raspberry Swirl Sox
Joker Choker

How many WIPS completed? 3

Minty Cables
Joker Choker

Photo Gallery

I decided to use  Mexiko Cotton Stretch for this yarn because of the stretchiness. I know when I have done cables before it can make the socks a bit tight. 
Raspberry Swirl Sox begins. 

Four rows done - including the wrap around stitch - not too difficult so far!

The original pattern was for a sleeveless summer top but I wanted a sleeveless pullover - so I adapted it to my preferred v-neck style and favourite lengths. For more information please see my Knitting Knotes

The Necklaces

One of my favourite Saturday morning strolls is along the High Street, popping into charity shops to see what jewellery I can find to recycle. These two necklaces are made up from a variety of finds. 

Joker Choker (because of the colours - like Batman ...)

I adore the fabulous green luminous beads and they compliment the purple really well.

A close up of all the various styles of bead on this necklace. 

Safari - for obvious reasons!

I wish I had more of the animal print beads but it all worked out rather well with the antique gold chain. 

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