Monday, 5 November 2012

Christmas Mash Ups

Turning my treasure into jewellery. 

Having hunted down enough beads from a variety of charity shops, I set about making some Mash Ups for Christmas presents, I had already made one Caramel Mash Up for my cousin. Here is my list:

Red and Black for friend, Purple and Black for friend, Baby Blue for god daughter, Pale Green for her sister,  Brown and Gold Mash Up for her mum, Leafy Green x 2 for friends and earrings for a friend that doesn't wear necklaces but likes dangly earrings. They are not yet all complete and there are more I could do if get time, but here's how I've done so far..........

What is a Mash Up? 

It is where I buy old necklaces from charity shops and mix them all up to create something new and fresh. I am designing a little label to go with them in the gift box - it will explain that they are Ethical Designs because they give money to charity and recycle old beads. 

To complete the Red and Black I needed some red glass beads and I had almost given up until I found these....

My Saturday morning haul. The white bracelet was 95p in Sue Ryder and the rest was £1 in Marie Curie. 

Here they are waiting to be mashed up. I couldn't believe how perfect this find was. 

And the finished necklace, with some black beads and some large red glass beads I had in my stash. 

I have decided to call this one Vampire's Kiss. 

Next the Purple and Black one - I used some of the beads from the haul at Half-Term plus some from my stash and Hey Presto....

This one is now called Oily Puddle (because the colours remind me of an oily puddle!) 

For the Baby Blue I used more beads from the Half-Term haul. I had to work very hard to clean up the white beads. I had to wash them in Infa Care, bleach them and then use a paper clip to scratch off the grime inside the beads. Then I soaked them in washing powder for an hour -it was worth it in the end. 

This one is called Greek Island. 

Lastly I reused beads from Rose Garden as it wouldn't lay right and made this instead. If I'm honest I'm still not happy with this - so watch this space. 

Crochet Notes - Mash Ups

This is how I put them together.

  1. Gather beads and wash them. 
  2. Divide into two strings with the same large beads in the same place and seed beads or tiny beads in between. 
  3. Thread them onto crochet cotton. 
  4. I usually have 30 seed beads either end followed by 6 slightly larger beads.
  5. 8 chain, bring up seed beads 2 at time, 1 chain in between.
  6. Bring up slightly larger bead 1 at a time, 1 chain in between.
  7. Bring up large bead , 2 chain or 1 chain, seed beads/tiny beads, 2 chain or 1 chain.
  8. When both strings are completed turn one round so that they are not in the same order on each side - this balances it out. 
  9. Attach fastening. 
  10. Think of a relevant name for your creation:)
I'd love to see pictures if anyone else makes one. 


  1. These are lovely!!! They are lucky to get such wonderful gifts

    1. Many thanks for your kind comment:) x

    2. So inspirational I am just getting to grips with crocheting, I must find time to have a go. I am totally confused by crocheting instructions as UK & US terms mean different things for a novis this is baffeling


    3. Hi Susan - I was a bit confused when I first started getting crochet patterns off the Internet - but there are lots of websites available to help. Good luck x


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