Sunday, 11 November 2012

Crocheted Jewelry of the Month

I have become a Moderator!

Please check out this group on Ravelry Crocheted Jewelry of the Month it is full of ideas and inspiration for fabulous jewellery. It was set up in March 2010 by Likerussell, but she recently announced that she no longer had enough time to dedicate to it - so after a few months of deliberating, I have decided to give it a go. After all it was this Ravelry group that inspired and helped me from my first tentative steps into the world of crocheted jewellery, through my first time using wire, to being brave enough to try designing a few necklaces of my own. It is also this group that is the root cause of my addiction to hunting in charity shops for necklaces I can pull apart and recycle into something new. 

Treasure Chest - 10th November 2012

My latest haul of booty includes:

Top - pearl and silver necklace £2 / Shell necklace £1 from The Rainbow Trust shop.
Bottom - Brown necklace £1.99 from the Richard House Shop
Middle - Red and Pink Bracelets £3.58 from The Children's Society shop

Total cost of Haul = £8.57 (good value for money me thinks:)

What can you find on Crocheted Jewelry of the Month?

Back to the matter in hand - the idea of the Ravelry group is that each month there is a different Crochet Along, this month I have chosen Snowflake Earrings, the pattern is free on Ravelry. 

Some past patterns have included:

Beaded Choker ( I have made loads of these, I absolutely love this pattern).

So why not join the group and crochet a long each month, perhaps learning to do something that you have never done before, hope to see you there. xxxx


  1. Wow if ri had 100 hours in the day be more time to learn things like this, it looks so lovely had a look at the group your in so many lovely things.

    Congrat's on being moderator too.

    1. Many thanks - the good thing about the jewellery is that it's very quick. x


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