Friday, 2 November 2012

Treasure Chest - October Half-Term

Half-Term Haul

I have managed to get out and about this week to various nearby towns and so had time to explore charity shops other than my own ones. 

I try to look for glass beads mainly, plus interesting pearls and ethnic style beads - so let's have a look at what I've found.............

From The Cat Protection League for £2 - these are nice as they are - they are good quality, very heavy. 

From Marie Curie for £1 - this is very grubby but will scrub up well as it's glass. 

From Cancer Research for £4 - £3 for the gorgeous wooden beads and £1 for the bracelet. 

From Oxfam - £3.98 in total. The blue necklace was £1.49 and sparkly one was £2.49 - both grubby but have a lot of potential. 

And lastly - from Barnado's for 69p - I love these little glass bead bracelets. 

My total cost for this haul was £11.67 - believe me you wouldn't get that many beads in Hobbycraft for £11.67. I have enough now to make fabulous Christmas pressies - which I shall post pics of on here - watch this space:)

Whilst out shopping I was popping into the usual high street stores and various little boutiques, as I was browsing I came across several necklaces that were quite nice - but nothing much under £10 for a few beads. Now I know I'm going to undo the necklaces and bracelets above and revamp them - but even if you didn't want to do that, you could find a necklace for a third of the cost in a charity shop compared to the chain stores and it's all for a good cause and it's environmentally friendly. 

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