Sunday, 30 December 2012

Crafty Year Ahead for 2013

Being organised..................

There are a couple of Ravelry groups which I am in, which will help me keep organised with my projects. 

Knit the Queue

A new Ravelry group which aims to help you organise your project making. I plan to have no more than 5 in my queue and no more than 5 WIPS - although basic jewellery making (threading and crocheted chain necklaces) don't count because I do them spontaneously and they will be mostly for presents in 2013. 
So what's in my Ravelry Queue at the moment:

1 crocheted necklace (see below)
1 sleeveless pullover (Falling Leaves - which I plan to adapt to a V-neck sleeveless top)
3 pairs of socks, for which I already have the yarn (JeckGushBasic Ribbed Socks - I've used these a lot!)

Crocheted Jewelry of the Month

This is the group where I have become a moderator - so I get to choose a piece of crocheted jewellery each month as a CAL. The January CAL is Cameo Necklace by Wendy Harbaugh.

I chose this because it has an element of challenge in it - the first challenge being to find a cameo, which I have yet to do! Until I find a cameo I won't know the colour scheme.

Presents Planned

January - 1 x friend

April - 2 x friends' daughters

May - 1 x friend

June - 2 x friends' daughters

July - Cousin

September - Friend

December - Friend's Birthday & Christmas Pressies?????

Current WIPs

Well I have three current WIPs - Sparkly Silver Cables, Stained Glass Scarf and Soliloquy Socks - I aim to complete the first two prior to beginning to knit my queue. 

Have a happy crafting new year everyone:) x

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  1. Hi Daffy.
    I just wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful new year! and thank you for kind words always...
    Dean does train at the Loughborough university often...He graduated from Birmingham uni, last year and now works on the campus there.
    What does your boy study there? and does he enjoy it...Have fun tonight, won't you, Most proberbly a early night for us as still feeling under the weather....With kind thoughts Maria X


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