Sunday, 23 December 2012

What I did during the final of Strictly!

***Warning - Spoiler Alert - winner of Strictly revealed below***

I decided to delve once more into my treasure chest of beads and see what I could come up with whilst watching Strictly.

My first task was to re-thread a necklace that broke last week at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, when Mr Daffy and I went to see Shrek. There I was walking up the stairs and suddenly my beads started to bounce back down. Mr Daffy rushed to helped me pick them up saying, "Don't worry I expect the Queen has the same problem when she's here!" We picked up as many as we could but some did go astray. 

So I decided to make this version of Safari stronger using crochet.

Crochet Notes

1.25mm hook and some no.5 crochet cotton. 
Thread beads in the order you want to place them.
10 chain add bead
5 chain add bead - repeat until all beads are used up.
10 chain
Crochet on the clasp or chain, then do 1 double crochet into each chain and crochet on the clasp at the other end. Fasten off securely. 

And so Safari, from WIP Report 17, lives on. 

Digging though the Treasure Chest I came across the oblong pearls in this haul. Mixing up the the two silvery blue shades - here is Misty Sea, a very classy little necklace don't you think. 

By this time Strictly part one had finished and Merlin was appearing on my screen, but I didn't rest, I was on a roll.

Next up was another simple threaded affair using the glass pink beads from this Treasure Chest together with the silver pearls from this Treasure Chest.

Hey presto - here is Icey Rose.

Back to part 2 of Strictly and I had one more idea in mind - to use a Celtic knot from an old pair of earrings and mix it up with the silver bullet beads in this haul. I added some little grenade shaped beads for extra detail and 20 minutes later I was the proud owner of Celtic Warrior. 

Strictly - the results:)

By this time it had been revealed that Dani was in forth place, I felt this was justified because any of the other three deserved to win. I don't remember such a close competition on Strictly ever before. I loved Denise and James' Charleston and Kimberly and Pasha's Tango but I think Louis and Flavia's show dance stole the show, it was mesmerising. I should imagine it was that dance that gave them the edge and won it for them. 

What a fab series of Strictly - bring on the ice dancing. 

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