Sunday, 27 January 2013

WIP Report 25

After 15 months one Soliloquy Sock is finished! 

How many WIPS? 3

Soliloquy Sox 
Summer Garden Cushion
Magic Jeck

How many WIPs started since last report? 0

How many WIPs revamped since last report? 0

How many WIPs completed since last report? 0


At last one Soliloquy Sock is off the needle - it fits - well like sock and I love it. 
I started this sock on 23rd October 2011, but I am motivated now to start and finish the other sock. Why have they taken so long? Well it's the 2mm needles and fine yarn - it takes forever and you don't feel like you've made any progress, but I am now on a roll with this project. 

My Summer Garden Cushion is coming along a treat - made up of old scraps of double knit and free yarn from Let's Knit magazine - it is - I think - very good use of the yarn. I am having trouble with the tessellation on the flip side but I think I've solved it now. I shall report all these issues when I write it up at the end - meanwhile here is a preview. 

One side done

And last but not least - Magic Jeck - heel turned and working on gusset. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

WIP Report 24

Take a pinch of beading, a dollop of crocheting and a generous amount of knitting............

How many WIPS? 3

Soliloquy Sox (as ever patiently waiting for some attention)
Summer Garden Cushion
Magic Jeck

How many WIPs started since last report? 1

Starry Night Mash Up

How many WIPs revamped since last report? 0

How many WIPs completed since last report? 2

Stained Glass Scarf
Starry Night Mash Up


The Stained Glass Scarf - finished and gorgeous. I used Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn and Debbie Bliss 4 ply merino. The pattern is available on Ravelry and it is Spectra by Stephen West.

Luckily I have enough yarn left to do a matching Stained Glass Hat - so I will mix up The Wurm and Sockhead Hat - watch this space.....................

In WIP Report 23 I announced this project as an Odds and Ends Needle Case - however it has now become a cushion cover - the Summer Garden Cushion Cover! I am using Lucy's How to Hexagon tutorial. I have two benches in the garden that need cushions and so I shall be researching the lovely projects over Attic 24 in order to brighten up these benches. I think a Blooming Flower Cushion is a must.

Magic Jeck is coming along nicely - I like the simplicity of the pattern.

My bead stash is getting a bit out of hand, three of those little trays are double sided! I must stop buying old beads for a while and use some of these up - well that's the plan. It's just so difficult not to pop into a charity shop and see if there are any must haves and it's all for charity:)

This project is a present for a friend - and I have christened it Starry Night Mash Up!

For Crochet Notes on Mash Ups - see here.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter Treasure Chest

Over the past month I have been visiting a variety of charity shops whenever I'm passing and I have amassed enough beads to last a life time. I shall be making pressies all year for my girlie friends and family (and of course I shall make myself the odd necklace).

I have lost track a bit of how much everything cost and where it came from but this beady booty was definitely under £20 - probably around £15. I love the green and silver swirly pendant - that will go nicely with some yarn I have bought to make a sleeveless pullover. I also love the silver leaf bracelet - a bargain at 99p.

I think there are lots of very useful beads here.

Can't wait to start pulling them all apart and mashing them up:)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

WIP Report 23

How many WIPs? 4

Soliloquy Socks 
Stained Glass Scarf
Magic Jeck
Odds and Ends Needle Case

How many WIPs started since last report? 2

Odds and Ends Needle Case
Starflower Phone Sock

How many WIPs revamped since last report? 0

How many WIPs completed since last report? 1

Starflower Phone Sock


Firstly I have to admit that I haven't worked on either pairs of socks because my crafty time has been largely taken up with these two delightful projects. 

Stained Glass Scarf

I am using the pattern Spectra by Stephen West - available to buy on Ravelry. I thought I might get bored knitting wedge after wedge, but the colour changes keep you interested. I am loving how it looks so far:)

Odds and Ends Needle Case

 For ages now I have been on the look out for a new knitting needle case but nothing has really grabbed my attention, so I thought I'd make one. Inspired by the lovely projects on Attic 24 and Lucy's How to Hexagon tutorial, I decided to use up all of my odds and ends to make a needle case. I plan to line it with tea towels and actually get my sewing machine out to create the little pockets for the needles.

Here is my bag of odds and ends - just old bits of DK acrylic from toy making and free bits of yarn from Let's Knit magazine. 

The only pattern I'm using for this is that each hexagon must have one colour matching to one colour in one of the adjacent hexagons and all hexagons are finished in white. I'm using Lucy's (Attic  24) join as you go method.

Starflower Phone Sock

I put this together in an afternoon, again using odds ends. 
The instructions are here.

Well that's me up to date - I hope everyone copes OK with the cold weather about to hit us in the UK  - stay warm and crafty.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Crochet Notes - Phone Sock / Gift Bag

Crocus in the Snow - Starflower Hexagon Phone Sock

This project satisfied two aims - to make a new phone sock and use the Starflower Hexagon by Julie Mnemosyne pattern. I printed off the pattern which is free on Ravelry and was delighted to find instructions that covered every angle. I particularly liked the table and the visual diagram on the last page. 

I wanted a my phone sock to look like a Crocus in the Snow and thought the pointy petals would suit my idea - so I gathered my yarn from stash and off I went. 

Here is the centre finished - this is Rounds 1 and 2 - nice and simple so far, in the background you can see the fabulous pattern table. 

Round 3 - the start of the purple petals. 

Round 4 - the petals are more defined. 

Round 5 - the purple petals are done. 

Round 6 - for me this represented the leaves. This round included an embroidery type stitch to get the little loopy bit - Julie's instructions were very easy to follow. 

Round 7 - the snowy background has begun - you can see the visual diagram underneath. 

Round 8 - the hexagon is complete and the snowy background is done. 

Two motifs completed and my phone is waiting patiently.

Here you can see I have sewn up five of the six edges - I then crocheted a round of half trebles around the opening edge.

For the final finishing touch I crocheted a chain using three strands of yarn and sewed a little leaf bead to each end. This was then threaded through the half trebles. 

And Hey Presto ..................... 

A new phone sock. 

I have already earmarked this pattern to make little gift bags for next Christmas - I shall replace the purple with red and this will make a Christmassy Poinsetta gift bag. 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

WIP Report 22

How many WIPs? 3

Soliloquy Socks 
Stained Glass Scarf
Magic Jeck

How many WIPs started since last report? 6

Ethereal Pendant
Wild Earrings
Misty Sea
Icey Rose
Celtic Warrior
Magic Jeck

How many WIPs revamped since last report? 1


How many WIPs completed since last report? 6

Ethereal Pendant
Wild Earrings
Misty Sea
Icey Rose
Celtic Warrior
Sparkly Twinkly cables


Spectra is the pattern I'm using for my Stained Glass Scarf. I'm on wedge 24 out of 85! It's easy to remember the pattern but it is a bit repetitive. 

To break up the wedge knitting I started Magic Jeck. Using Jeck and Lana Grossa Magico Tweed. 

I also finished Sparkly Twinkly Cables and you can find the pattern here.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Knitting Knotes - Sparkly Twinkly Cables

Yarn: Adriafil Giada 9 skeins
Needles: 3.75 mm, 4.00 mm, 3.25 mm (Circular), cable needle
Finished Measurements:

  • Chest - 42 inches
  • Length - 24.5 inches
  • Length to armhole 14.5 inches

Instructions for the back:

  • Cast on 146sts using 3.75mm needles.
  • Change to 4mm needles.
  • Row 1 - P16, *K6, P12, K6* repeat to last 16 - purl them.
  • Row 2 - work stitches as set.
  • Rows 3 to 6 - repeat 1 and 2.
  • Row 7 - P16 *cable 3 to the back, K3 then K3 from cable needle, P12, C3B* repeat to last 16 - purl. 
  • Row 8 - work stitches as set.
These 8 rows form the pattern - keep correct throughout.

  • Repeat until you have 13 cables completed - end on a row 8.
  • Cast off 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows.
  • Decrease 1 stitch at each end for the next 14 rows = 102 sts. ***
  • Continue until you have 24 cables complete - end on row 8.
  • Cast off 30, knit middle 42 onto 3.25mm circular needle, cast off 30.

Instructions for front:

Same to ***

  • Knit to middle 2 stitches - put them on a safety pin, turn.
  • Decrease 1 st - work to end.
  • Continue to decrease on wrong side rows only until 30 stitches remain.
  • Work until 24 cables have been completed, finish on row 8 - cast off
  • Work across stitches waiting.
  • Decrease on wrong side row as above and complete to match. 
  • Using 3.25mm circular needle - K1 P1 across 42 stitches at back of neck.
  • Pick up and K1 P1 - 58 stitches down the left side of the neck. 
  • K2tog for the 2 middle stitches on a safety pin.
  • Pick up and K1 P1 - 58 stitches up the right side of the neck.
  • Row 1 K1 P1 all the way round.
  • Row 2 - 6 = K1 P1 until 2 sts before middle stitch - S1 K1 PSSO, Knit middle stitch, knit 2 tog, K1 P1 to end of row. 
  • Cast off loosely.
Armholes x 2
  • Pick up and K1 P1 - 72 stitches along each arm edge = 144 stitches in total.
  • K1 P1 rib for 6 rows.
  • Cast off loosely
I sewed up the seams with a similar coloured DK because Giada is a bit bumpy with the sequins. 
Weave all ends in and block!

Knitting Knotes - Bremen Reyna

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