Sunday, 6 January 2013

Crochet Notes - Phone Sock / Gift Bag

Crocus in the Snow - Starflower Hexagon Phone Sock

This project satisfied two aims - to make a new phone sock and use the Starflower Hexagon by Julie Mnemosyne pattern. I printed off the pattern which is free on Ravelry and was delighted to find instructions that covered every angle. I particularly liked the table and the visual diagram on the last page. 

I wanted a my phone sock to look like a Crocus in the Snow and thought the pointy petals would suit my idea - so I gathered my yarn from stash and off I went. 

Here is the centre finished - this is Rounds 1 and 2 - nice and simple so far, in the background you can see the fabulous pattern table. 

Round 3 - the start of the purple petals. 

Round 4 - the petals are more defined. 

Round 5 - the purple petals are done. 

Round 6 - for me this represented the leaves. This round included an embroidery type stitch to get the little loopy bit - Julie's instructions were very easy to follow. 

Round 7 - the snowy background has begun - you can see the visual diagram underneath. 

Round 8 - the hexagon is complete and the snowy background is done. 

Two motifs completed and my phone is waiting patiently.

Here you can see I have sewn up five of the six edges - I then crocheted a round of half trebles around the opening edge.

For the final finishing touch I crocheted a chain using three strands of yarn and sewed a little leaf bead to each end. This was then threaded through the half trebles. 

And Hey Presto ..................... 

A new phone sock. 

I have already earmarked this pattern to make little gift bags for next Christmas - I shall replace the purple with red and this will make a Christmassy Poinsetta gift bag. 


  1. Very well done Daffy!
    My daughter is struggling with the concept of crocheting and it makes me smile to think they can do all the techno stuff, but don't have the patience to learn some thing so rewarding..Such is life!
    Sending kind thoughts, Maria x

    1. My sons won't learn to crochet or knit. Even though they want to know how it works from a technical point of view - I catch them watching:)x

  2. A great little gift bag Chris and so beautifully made, I love the idea of Christmas colours I think I will have to give this a go when I have done everything else I have got lined up!


    1. Hi Sue - it was very quick to make. I did it as I watched Man U draw with West Ham - always the late equaliser.

      Hope you're well - I was in We Three the other day - or The Only Way is Knitting as she now calls her website:)

      Happy New Year

  3. Nice gift bag design. I like it very much.


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