Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter Treasure Chest

Over the past month I have been visiting a variety of charity shops whenever I'm passing and I have amassed enough beads to last a life time. I shall be making pressies all year for my girlie friends and family (and of course I shall make myself the odd necklace).

I have lost track a bit of how much everything cost and where it came from but this beady booty was definitely under £20 - probably around £15. I love the green and silver swirly pendant - that will go nicely with some yarn I have bought to make a sleeveless pullover. I also love the silver leaf bracelet - a bargain at 99p.

I think there are lots of very useful beads here.

Can't wait to start pulling them all apart and mashing them up:)


  1. I love da treasure chest! My favourites are the flower beads...nice find! xxx

  2. Do you know this has bugged me so much for weeks thinking about this post. Phew I am glad I found it again, I was honestly beginning to think I imagined it all! When those flower beads arrived on a beautiful necklace I was amazed! For me?! Delighted! Really truly touched. It is like they arrived by magic. I liked the beads in the photograph but the necklace is really pretty. The timing of their arrival was perfect. I love the necklace so much, when I am not wearing it is is 'displayed' over a cerise pink, glass bottle. I wore it all day yesterday. Thank you so much. XXX


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