Sunday, 27 January 2013

WIP Report 25

After 15 months one Soliloquy Sock is finished! 

How many WIPS? 3

Soliloquy Sox 
Summer Garden Cushion
Magic Jeck

How many WIPs started since last report? 0

How many WIPs revamped since last report? 0

How many WIPs completed since last report? 0


At last one Soliloquy Sock is off the needle - it fits - well like sock and I love it. 
I started this sock on 23rd October 2011, but I am motivated now to start and finish the other sock. Why have they taken so long? Well it's the 2mm needles and fine yarn - it takes forever and you don't feel like you've made any progress, but I am now on a roll with this project. 

My Summer Garden Cushion is coming along a treat - made up of old scraps of double knit and free yarn from Let's Knit magazine - it is - I think - very good use of the yarn. I am having trouble with the tessellation on the flip side but I think I've solved it now. I shall report all these issues when I write it up at the end - meanwhile here is a preview. 

One side done

And last but not least - Magic Jeck - heel turned and working on gusset. 

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