Friday, 1 February 2013

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Cushion

Summer Garden Cushion

For this little experiment I'm using the Attic 24 Hexagon How To

My plan was to use up loads of odds and ends and set them onto a white background to give a consistency to the project. I also decided to use Lucy's join as you go method.

My only rule was that each hexagon should have one of the three colours matching one of the colours in one of the hexagons next to it.

Here are the odds and ends ready to be transformed into hexagon loveliness. 

 Side 1 was put together very quickly, but the second side was more difficult because the tessellation didn't work out and the cushion cover started to get very baggy. Also I had to manipulate the corners so that side one pulled tight.

Here is side one looking tightly pulled and bright and cheerful.

This tessellation caused me a lot of unpicking and redoing. Then I came up with the idea of smaller shapes strategically placed so that side two was nice and tight too. In the photo below you can see the space for a pentagon.

Here you can see the spaces created for small squares. 

Below you can see in the centre is the pentagon completed - as you can see I only did the first two rounds of the hexagon. To make it a pentagon three sides were completed as for the hexagon but the top two sides had two lots of two trebles as opposed to one lot of three trebles.

Next I made the mini squares by doing the first round of the hexagon. To complete the square each side had two lots of two trebles as opposed to one lot of three trebles. 

All six squares and two pentagons in place and the cushion is nice and tight.

Next for the opening. 
On one side I did a line of three trebles in each gap and the three trebles two chain trebles on the corner points. 

For the flap I attached two large squares and a small square. I did a line of three trebles in each gap and on the corner points I did eight chain instead of two for the button loops. 

So - I mastered Lucy's How to Hexagon and join as you go method but not - sadly - her "weave in the ends as you go" method - oh well. 

Finally after two evenings of end weaving my Summer Garden Cushion was done.


  1. Oh Daffy that's absolutely lovely, well done! Second mention of Summer in a heading this morning ... definitely something to look forward to!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Claire xxx

    1. Thanks Clare - let's hope summer is longer than one week in May this year:) x

  2. What a stunning cushion cover, it really does bring Summer to mind.

    1. Thanks ElleS - I'm quite proud of it - considering it is made up from odds and ends. x


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