Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Garden Plans for 2013

My gardening mojo is restored!

The last few months of 2012 were mad with family events, work and study - so much so that something had to give and that something was gardening. Well the weather turned bad and crafting was cosier!

My little patch of suburbia has been sadly neglected, but yesterday the sun came out (honestly) and I thought I'd better don some gardening gloves and get stuck in.

These bulbs should have gone in months ago - oh well I've put them in now. I don't suppose they'll  flower now though. 
Some bulbs I put in last year have flourished. 

A little Snowdrop struggles amongst the weeds and ferns. 

Horrible brambles with some Crocus poking through. 

I took a wander into my little greenhouse! And oh dear lots of neglected  plants and a collapsed shelf - what a mess.  

Two hours later and lots of weeding done - ready for Mr Daffy to clear up! 

I glanced to the other side of the garden and what a site to behold - my Magnolia tree with hundreds of buds - watch this space...............  
My plans for this year are:

To let all the spring bulbs and early summer flowers take their course. (The garden is packed with Aqualegias coming through).

To sow lots of seeds for summer flowers - Cosmos, Sweet Peas, Asters, Stock

To plant lots of Dahlias (I'm gutted I didn't bring the corms in last year). 


  1. It was so lovely to see the sun, wasn't it? Well done on planting your bulbs - I did a similar thing last year and they flowered so you might be lucky? My thoughts have turned to salad leaves, tomatoes & cucumbers!!!!

  2. Aren't gardens fun? I have plans for a garden this year as well.


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