Sunday, 3 February 2013

WIP Report 26

How many WIPS? 2

Soliloquy Sox 
Magic Jeck
Summer Garden Sock Cushion

How many WIPs started since last report? 3

Hippy Chick Necklace
Gift Pouch
Summer Garden Sock Cushion

How many WIPs completed since last report? 3

Summer Garden Cushion
Hippy Chick Necklace
Gift Pouch

I called this necklace Hippy Chick because of the gorgeous 1970s style flowers. As it's a present it needed a Gift Pouch and so I made one using Julie A. Bolduc's Scrap Saver Hexagon Motif. (This website has heaps of lovely crochet patterns).

 I was rushing to finish this pouch and catch the post - but if I made it again I would add final round of white trebles - so that the hexagon is more defined once sewn up. To finish it off I added a crocheted chain and threaded it through - put the necklace inside the pouch and ran to the Post Office. 

The reverse side of my Summer Garden Cushion.......

....... and now for the Summer Garden Sock Cushion - finally I am using up my heap of left over sock yarn.

This is based on the same idea as the Summer Garden Cushion except that the circles are being turned into squares not hexagons. It will be easier to tessellate that way. To make a square you simply have two groups of three trebles in between the corners - but I'm sure most people know that!

Also I am making the whole circle out of the same yarn - this is because a lot of my leftover sock yarn is variegated yarn and I decided it could look too messy if I kept changing the yarn. (Less ends to sew in too:))

My Soliloquy Sox are well and truly on the way to being finished - such progress has been made in the last few days!

Magic Jeck - no change from the last report. 

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